Your eye language can reveal hidden secrets in just a glance

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Eyes have been known as the windows to the souls of humans. Eyes have been also known to tell whatever is going on in our brains, our thoughts and our likes and dislikes are often seen in our eyes. When we are sad, we cry; when we are happy, our pupils dilate and our eyes react differently in different situations. If you really want to know about the interest level of a person you are conversing with, try to read the following signs in their eyes and mannerisms and you will get your answer.

1 People who maintain a steady eye contact

People who make steady eye contact are people who have nothing to hide from you. Looking into the eyes of the other person, and talking is a sign that the other person is speaking the truth and can be trusted easily. They also tend to have extremely good listening skills and can carry on a conversation effortlessly. Though you must be wary of people who make intense eye contact, as it might be a tactic to intimidate you or maybe they are anxious. But when a person doesn’t break the eye contact during the conversation, it is an indicator that the conversation is truthful.

steady eye contact

2 People who keep looking down while talking

If you find someone looking down while talking to you, it immediately signifies that they are hiding something shameful from you. They have done something that they do not want you to know and hence are looking down to avoid eye contact and revealing what they have done wrong. They might be feeling guilty and just want the conversation to stop or move on to a different topic. When a person feels too bad and embarrassed, they avoid making eye contact. They can also feel sad about something and need a bit of support and coaxing to open up and talk about it.

looking down while talking

3 People who tend to look up towards the ceiling or in the right direction

If you catch someone looking up towards the ceiling, then that person is telling a lie. People, who want to keep something from you, tend to avoid eye contact and always look in the other direction, instead of looking at the person. The best place to look is towards the ceiling and hence you can catch a liar doing so. If they look to the right, they are trying to activate the imaginative and creative centre of the brain in order to make up a good story for you.

looking up when you talk

4 Looking left during conversations

If a person is looking to his left during the conversation, then it is rest assured that the person is trying to remember something very specific for you. It might be anything from a date to a phone number to an incident that he wants to tell you in detail. It can also be something that the person is nostalgic about, like a friend reminiscing about the time you spent with him/her during your childhood. Left side of the brain holds the memories of the past, and details about things we need to remember.

Looking left during conversations

5 People who roll their eyes or look through the lashes

People who tend to roll their eyes during the conversation means that they are done with the conversation. They feel irritated that you have been going on and on, with the thing and they are bored. It might also be a sign of remembering something in the story that they hate.

People who tend to look through the lashes are of shy nature. They find it difficult to maintain constant eye contact and hence try to steal some glances. It may also be a sign of flirting romantically with someone they like.


People who roll their eyes

6 Dilated Pupils mean something

If you are talking to a person of the opposite sex and find their pupils dilating, it is a universal code for that person being into you and you should understand that they are attracted towards you. This dilation of pupils has been recorded throughout history and even the cavemen would have chosen their partners looking into their eyes and seeing the dilation. It is an automatic reflex and cannot be controlled by anyone. If they are interested in you and your conversation, their pupils will dilate and they will move closer in order to get near to you.

Dilated Pupils mean something


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