You won’t believe which restaurant chains these 10 celebrities own!

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We are living in the days of cross promotions and celebrities investing in various business chains. We have often seen celebrities investing in deals and ventures that have failed and some that have been soaring without limits. The idea behind the deals and endorsements mostly is to manage their retirement better! We’ve found 10 celebrities for you who own or have invested in some remarkably known restaurant chains and are giving their heart and soul to them.

1. Ted Turner

Ted Turner owns a nationwide chain of restaurants called Ted’s Montana Grill. He started the venture with his friend George McKerrow Jr who also founded the Long Horn Steak House Inc. He now sells the American Bison raised on his ranch to the chain that offers Bison burgers and steak.

Ted Turner

2. Rick Ross

Rick Ross is the owner of the chain Wingstop! Famous for his 50-cent sensation, the rapper recently came out with the news of his acquisition of the chain Wingstop in Miami and quite a few other locations. He started with Miami and has opened two restaurants in Memphis as well. He says he wanted to share his favourite wings with his hometown!

Rick Ross

3. Magic Johnson

Any idea who is the star behind TGI Fridays? Yes it is Magic Johnson. He became an official part of TGI Fridays when he partnered with them to open a franchise in Ladera, Calif area. The venture was to try and build more jobs for the area. He is now building a business empire that includes quite a handful of franchises!

Magic Johnson

4. Drew Brees

The super bowl MVP Saints quarterback Drew Brees is one of those celebrities who run a restaurant business. He owns franchises of the famous chain Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches. The food chain has an unbelievable marketing strategy and lures customers with free smells! Drew Brees said that he missed Jimmy John’s so much when he was in the Midwest that decided to invest in the chain.

Drew Brees

5. Magic Johnson

He never just stopped at TGI Fridays! Magic Johnson also owns franchises of Starbucks! Magic Johnson has a knack for real business by understanding the needs of the people in the area and then inviting brands to fill the gap! He partnered with Starbucks in Los Angeles by opening a franchise that offers the customers, the accessibility and leisurely ambience to relax and play chess!

Magic Johnson

6. Venus Williams

Venus Williams endorses the super yummy chain of Samba Juice! The tennis player is known for the commitment to a healthy lifestyle and nutrition. The celebrity currently owns two franchises in Washington DC area and has plans to expand the business with five more franchises over the next few years! Hurray to the frozen smoothie treats!

Venus Williams

7. Nene Leakes

She opened a franchise of the very Famous Famiglia Pizzeria at the airport of Sacramento several years ago.

Nene Leakes

8. Jamal Mashburn

We often see that sports celebrities have an affinity for food chains! The former Dallas Mavericks superstar, known affectionately as Monster Mash invested his earning in buying a total of 38 outback steakhouse franchises and 32 Papa John’s franchises! Mashburn is said to have made $75 million during his career and his earnings have been well placed we must say! He is a true success story!

Jamal Mashburn

9. Peyton Manning

Another amazing athlete who turned into a businessman. The quarterback purchased 21 Papa John’s franchises in the Denver area.

Peyton Manning

10. Shaquille O’Neal

This huge fan of pretzels made his love known for his favourite food when his O’Neal Franchise Group teamed with V & J foods in 2007, and bought 8 franchises of Auntie Anne’s in Buffalo, N.Y and half a dozen more in Michigan. He does not play an active role with the advertising part of the business but he has huge plans for expansion of the business.

 Shaquille O’Neal

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