Woman Pepper Sprays Bear In The Face, Bear Gets Its Own Back In The Best Way Possible

By goneviral

Mary Maley was taking a solo kayaking trip around Alaska, when she encountered one of the wildernesses greatest beasts, the brown bear. However, instead of simply watching the bear from afar and enjoying its majesty, Mary took a different approach.

For some reason, Maley decided to mace the bear. Yes, you heard right – she actually maced a bear. But when the bear backs off however, hilarity ensues. “Stay away from the kayak. Come here.” Mary yells, but the bear isn’t stupid. Instead, he trashes her kayak.

I’m totally on the bear’s side in this. As a man, I wouldn’t wish a pepper spraying on anyone, especially a poor bear who is just minding his own business.

“It’s the end of September, you’re supposed to be asleep,” – Mary Maley you are internet gold. While the bear obviously has no idea what she’s saying, Mary’s commentary makes for excellent viewing. The most startling thing about this video for me? For a woman enjoying what one would consider a very nature orientated holiday, she clearly does not care much for animal welfare.

Article Source: Viralthread