What This Dude Made With A Few Roman Candles Is Beyond Cool

By goneviral

Everyone knows that playing with fireworks is dangerous, and that the risk of injury is always high. It’s so important to make sure that everyone around you is safe, and that’s hard to do when you’re wielding explosives.

That being said, fireworks look really, really cool. This guy made something totally awesome with a few Roman candles and fireproof tubes. Check out his incredibly unique invention in the video below.

(via News Inc)

That looks freaking awesome! And it also looks incredibly dangerous, so don’t try this at home. I wonder how many times this guy had to try out the invention before he finally perfected its design, because this looks like something you have to nail on the first try. With any other invention, there is room for error, but with this one? Not so much. I’m just glad he’s okay.