What The Announcers Caught These Girls Doing At A Game Is So, So Ridiculous

By goneviral

Everyone knows that baseball is America’s pastime, which is why people around the country save up for baseball tickets every year. While watching games in the summer is lots of fun, it’s even better to go in the fall, since that’s when playoffs begin.

But these girls couldn’t care less. From the looks of this video, they’re more interested in their selfie game than the actual baseball game. Some of the best athletes in baseball are playing their hearts out right in front of them, and they just don’t care.

(via Facebook)

I may be part of their generation, but I’d venture to say that the younger half of this generation is even more obsessed with social media than the rest of us. We should learn to focus on what’s going on in front of us, because what’s happening on a phone screen just isn’t important in the long run.

Article Source: ViralNova