Watch what happens when this guy plants a potato with a rose in it

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Having a good garden is very important for people who have the hobby of growing flowers and plants and then having fresh veggies and flowers that give you the satisfaction of seeing the results of your hard work. But growing vegetables and flowers are something that requires precise timing and lots of techniques and right environment. Everyone loves roses and they are one of the most delicate plants to grow and sustain. Out of many rose flowers, only a handful bloom as perfect ones and here is a brilliant way to propagate roses using a potato. Read up.

How the process works?

The procedure of planting a rose with a potato is a way to propagate the growth of rose plant by supplying it with organic fodder. The best time to do so is in spring, May or Early June. Roses require environments that are warm and humid to grow in the best way. The light is sufficient and warm enough. The process to do so is as follows and you will need a cut down rose, potato, soil, plastic bottle and a flowerpot. The process of propagating a rose is given below:

  • Take a rose stem and remove all the leaves from it and cut the stem from below at a 45 degrees angle.
  • Now using the stem, make a hole in the potato and make sure it doesn’t move and is fixed nicely.
  • Now fill the flower pot with soil until its 2/3rd full so that it surrounds the rose and covers it nicely.
  • Now take the plastic bottle and cut it and cover the rose with it. This will provide the greenhouse effect on the rose.

How the process works?

The effect of planting rose in a potato

planting rose in a potato

The meaning of propagation of roses is to reproduce the rose plant so that you get better quality plants in your garden. There are many ways of propagating like cutting the plants, grafting, and root division and via natural reproductive means. Propagation ensures that the new plants keep developing stronger and stronger. This method ensures that before your best rose dies due to natural reasons, the cutting process will enable you to utilize it to get the same quality roses without insect pollination, fertilization or growing it again from the seed. Also this process is faster than growing from the seeds and also saves lots of money on buying seeds.


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