Unbelievably Brave Guy Put His Life On The Line To Save A Drowning Black Bear

By goneviral

When Florida wildlife officers were called to deal with a black bear, they weren’t expecting to have to rescue him like this!

bear 1

An officer arrived in the Alligator Point neighbourhood where the black bear was seen wandering. He decided the best course of action was to tranquillise the bear before safely relocating it. But after the bear was hit with a tranquilliser, he panicked and ran away. He found his way to the ocean and began swimming out into the gulf, which is when he lost consciousness.

bear 2

Realising the danger the bear was in, Adam Warwick, a biologist with the Wildlife Commission, knew he had to do something to keep the bear from drowning, so he swam to the animals rescue.

bear 3

With the assistance of a small boat he managed to drag the massive 180kg bear 23-metres to shore.

bear 4

Amazingly, Adam only suffered a minor scratch from the bear. By the time they and the groggy bear finally fell asleep. The black bear was transported safely back to the Osceola National Forest.


The bear was then transported back to his new home in the forest, with Adam riding alongside the whole way.


Back in its natural habitat, this bear is all set to live a long and fruitful life doing whatever bears do. Eating salmon? Pretty sure that’s right.