Two Black Holes Are On Course To Collide And Destroy Life As We Know It

By goneviral

I know stories about the world ending keep cropping up. I also know that a lot of these stories sound like absolute bullshit. But like any boy that cries wolf, eventually there will be a time where he is actually telling the truth. This time ladies and gentleman, I’m not crying wolf. This shit is legit.

Scientists have discovered two black holes that are a cataclysmic collision course which could destroy life as we know it. Using data from NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) and NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, researchers discovered that the black holes are in such close proximity, they are considered the “tightest orbiting pair” ever detected. Scary stuff.


But before you start pawning your worldly possessions and building an underground bunker, it’s worth mentioning that the black holes are currently far from close to colliding. With a distance between them which is comparable to the size of our solar system, it is not believed that these black holes will get together for another million years. Plenty of time to sort ourselves out then.

When they do collide however, scientists agree that the power will measure over 100 million supernovae. Now I’m no expert, but that sounds pretty massive. It is said that black holes colliding create the most violent events possible in our universe. So this is all good news…


NASA hope that this latest discovery, and the way in which it was unearthed, will help them identify closer merging black holes in the future. WHAT?! There might be more of these awful things?! Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver were right, space definitely isn’t safe.

Article Source: Viralthread