Top habits that are making you late to work everyday

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We are all slaves of time. No wait. We are slaves of work. No wait… we are actually slaves of time. This makes us tick off the days as dull, boring or interesting as per need. However, one thing that might be making you late daily is that you barely have the right time to make your time rightly balanced. Tongue twisting lines aside, there are probably few peculiarities about you and your home that might be making you late for work. Take the bull by horns and see how well you will be are to turn the clock in your favor by leaving these habits. Read on.

1. The Lighting Bit

Well you home might be a sprawling flat or a tiny studio apartment. Whatever be the type and the space, you need to actually check the type of lights it has. The major thing at most homes of young professionals is that the lighting is so sad that it literally makes you late daily. The low lights in your room might look great for a date night but these might also be making you late for work. Some homes look like they are in perpetual night mode even at 10 am every morning.

The Lighting Bit

2. Lack Of Organization

Probably your closet is not well organized. The fact that you do not have everything in neat order could be making you late to work. You actually need to ensure that your clothes for office are kept ready the night before. This is because if you do not find the necessities in order every morning, you would end up wasting time hunting for these. This erodes away your energy and also is responsible for making you late.

Lack Of Organization

3. Where Is The Breakfast Punch?

One of the main habits that could be making you late for work is that you are not having the right breakfast. Stop having heavy carbs that actually make you feel low on energy. Get fresh fruits, have some smoothie and some crunchy cereals. Oatmeal is a superb punchy pick to have each morning. These foods allow you to have the right dose of nutrition while also helping you gain energy as you begin the day. Stop having food from last night or fat laced sandwiches. These culprits are making you late for work while you might not be realizing the same.

4. Are You Exercising Right?

Lack of proper exercise and ample fresh air could be reasons making you late for work. Wake up each morning and take a stroll around. Even if you walk briskly for half an hour, your body gets the right signals. It actually wakes you up from within and helps you take the day in your stride. Just work and no play will indeed make you dull. Do not wait for something to hit your health. Engage in some light jogging or free hand exercises to be stress free. Enjoy the mornings before getting ready for work. This will actually pump in the rush of energy to take you through the day.

Are You Exercising Right?

5. Ace The Alarm Clock

The trick to silencing an alarm clock with that snooze button takes away all functionality at once. With fancy mobiles and smart alarms, there are a myriad ways of escaping the tring of waking you up.

With these easy hacks and tricks, you might finally be able to stop those habits, which are making you late for work. Go grab these tips headlong in and make the most of your work days. Say goodbye to work blues now. Try these and we are sure that you will never be getting late for work in all your life—ever again!

Ace The Alarm Clock

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