Top celebrity kitchens we are swooning over

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Celebrities have always been those folks we love, love to hate ad love to ape—all at the same time. Now while we look forward to those glossy magazine spreads about the fashion trends these celebrities inspire and much more, we often tend to think how these people live at home. Yes, celebrity nests have always been a favorite topic for exploring among the masses. And especially when it comes to celebrity kitchens, we always want to know what’s cooking and in which shade the counter top is in! Check out the top celebrity kitchens that will make you swoon even before you know it!

1. Jermiah Brent

Jermiah Brent and Nate Berkus are famed designers who have had the best in the world of celeb status. One look at their Manhattan home kitchen and we know how you can go bold with white. Vintage and classy at the same time, the kitchen butcher countertop and island remind us of the heavyweight designer appeal of celebrity kitchens. The marble which has been used is top notch and the brass lacing to the cabinetry is so classy that we almost fear to imagine its cost!

Jermiah Brent

2. Michael J. Fox

A New York life has an upscale feel to it. This is one of the perfect celebrity kitchens we have come across when it comes to styling and sizing. Michael J. Fox has a signature kitchen done up by Gomez Associates Inc. The light fixtures are ultra-cool and there is symmetry all along the kitchen. A perfect sync of marble and steel, the countertop and the cabinetry are a notch above the typical wooden designs we usually see. Bright and ultra-neat—the design algorithm for this pick among top celebrity kitchens is really amazing.

Michael J. Fox

3. Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia is known for her awesome sense of design. Her Manhattan kitchen is the product of a dreamy imagination. This pick among celebrity kitchens is designed by Apparacio+Associates. In white, this kitchen comes with a well defied geometry and a sleek style. The sink fittings are modernist while the steel backsplash renders a feeling of certain sophistication without letting the design take away all the attention. The contrasting cabinetry from Boffi and the perfect lighting that matches the backsplash make this kitchen worth its place on the list.

Nina Garcia

4. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is not just hip for his fashion line. This signature kitchen in one of his homes in Switzerland makes it to the top five celebrity kitchens list of all times. A woody dark muted feel, this kitchen exudes a rock solid vibe. Ideal for its cold setting, the kitchen makes great use of the contrasts between wood and steel. The framed style of the countertop renders it a very pub-like feel while the neat line around makes it easy on the eye. Almost designed like it has a no-clutter theme, this kitchen is picture perfect.

Giorgio Armani

5. Anh Duong

If you needed inspiration from celebrity kitchens to do up an ultra-small and cutesy kitchen, this kitchen of Anh Duong, popular artist, is one to start looking at. Designed by Daniel Romualdez Architects, the white color lends additional spacey looks to the small kitchen. Very hooded and cleverly made room for, the kitchen is a brilliant inspiration for those looking to make a very compact yet awesome kitchen. The aesthetics are never compromised upon and thanks to the gable ceiling, we find modern innovation clubbed with traditional woodwork in this Hampton home kitchen of Duong.

 Anh Duong

With these celebrity kitchens to teach you on how to draw up the design and looks of your kitchen, the sky is your limit. Awesome, jaw dropping and wow—these kitchens have a minimalistic vibe around them. Designs are simple at their roots. It only takes conception to bring out the best in an effective fashion.

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