This is where President Obama be living after White house. Take a look at President Obama’s new house

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From his humble beginnings in Hawaii to the palatial interiors of the White House, President Barack Obama has certainly come a long way, walking a tough road of recognition to achieve the distinction of being the first African American President of the United States of America. Barack Hussein Obama was born and brought up in Honolulu as the son of Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Senior.

Barack Obama has served two fruitful terms as the President of the USA from 2008 till present date. However, once he leaves office after the next President is elected; the big question is- where will President Obama and his family, stay after they leave the Oval Office. Find out about President Obama’s new house.

1 A Beautiful Country Styled Tudor Home

A beautiful country styled house has already been chosen and approved by his family. Located in Kalorama neighborhood in Washington and just half a mile from the Clintons, Obama’s new home is a splendid Tudor styled, 8200 sq ft., brick mansion owned by former White House Press Secretary, Joe Lockhart. With a current evaluation of $7million, the Obamas will be leasing the house on a monthly rent of $22,000 a month.

The imposing self contained house sold for $5million in 2014, was built some time in 1928 and contains nine bedrooms. The reason Obama has taken the house is because he wishes to remain in Washington after leaving the White House in 2017. According to Obama, his youngest daughter needs to finish high school and hence the decision to live in Washington as it wasn’t advisable to break a child’s education in the midterm of high school.

 A Beautiful Country Styled Tudor Home

2 Large and Spacious Rooms with Imposing Gardens

Regardless of Obama’s decision, it is doubtful that there will be complaints from the family at the sight of their new and elegant home. With a lavish and large living room-cum-dining room, a family room along with a room segregated for media, the Obamas will be more than happy, especially because of an au pair suite which would come on great need as Michelle Obama’s mother lives with the family.

President Obama’s new house was painstakingly renovated and features an exquisite finish and was worthy of a former President. In what could be termed as one of its crowning feature, is its unusually large terrace, a formal garden. The courtyard alone has room enough to park up to 10 vehicles.

President Obama's new house backyard

3 Strict Security Measures to Be Implemented In the Entire Neighborhood

The prestigious Kalorama neighborhood is an upscale one, with many noted personalities staying in the area. A former Congressman will be their neighbor as well as the French ambassador who lives just around the corner. The house will undergo strict security checks, where the Secret Service will implement a plan for the protection of the family.

According to Anthony Chapa, the Assistant Director of the Secret Service, a thorough assessment will be made taking into account neighbors and the entire area across the street. Certain protective alterations may be made to the house such as security fences and bulletproof windows as well as electronic surveillance systems. He also felt such security measures should not cause inconvenience to the neighbors as they too would be enjoying a state-of-the-art security system which would work to their benefit as well.

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