This home was abandoned for almost half a decade but it looks fabulous

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Aren’t we all a bit too familiar with the saying ‘home is where your heart is’? It seems like the owner of this particular house took this in the literal sense and designed it in a way that was very close to his heart. What more, the interior of the house even looks like the insides of a giant, velvety heart. When the famous ‘plumber to the stars’ Jack Stephan purchased this house about half a decade ago and revamped it into the ‘Stephan’s Folly’ that it is today, he would never have guessed how the house would remain a home left untouched by time even after all these years. Time spared this house in such a way that it seems as good as new till this date.

1. A Beauty Wrapped in Time

The beauty of this home, left untouched by time for almost half a decade now is maintained just the way it looked since 1971. This eclectic piece of real estate is at present available to buyers for $900,000. This house which is set in Palm Springs, goes by the name ‘Stephan’s Folly’ and can be referred to as a time capsule, as one truly gets transported back into the 70’s in this miracle left untouched.

A Beauty Wrapped in Time

2. A True Real Estate Miracle

It’s a true wonder how the home could remain in such excellent conditions. The house has been described as a really remarkable and marvellous piece of art by many and you will certainly agree to it once you set foot inside this magical abode bursting with the aura of true vintage décor.

A true real estate miracle

3. The Vivacious Vintage Décor of the House

What is wonderful about this home is that it looks totally normal from the outside. But once you step inside, your eyes might pop out of the sockets. Bathed in rich shades of red and orange, this historic house untouched by time stands proud and glorious. The décor is mainly made up of velvet and the intricate detailing in every corner will certainly baffle you. All the surfaces are covered in plush velvet- the chairs, the sofas; the ottomans… even the walls are velvety!

The Vivacious Vintage Décor of the House

4. Major Attractions of the House

The furnishing of the house is so chic that it is hard to believe that it had been left untouched for so many decades. Originally constructed in 1965, the house consists of three luxurious bedrooms, a majestic living room, a wet bar, a den, a swimming pool, a pool cabana, a butler’s pantry and a garage exclusively to store a classic car collection. Luxurious, isn’t it?

 Major Attractions of the House

5. Stephan’s Folly Today

The property is certainly considered a wonderful place to be, given its one of a kind features and luxurious facilities. It proved that it was truly a home left untouched by time when it won the Palm Springs Committee’s Residential Preservation Award in 2015.

In today’s world, where we are struggling to sustain everything from a little piece of paper to huge monuments, it is a wonder how time has spared this state of the art home. It is almost as if it was able to find a hiding place beneath those countless wraps of time, where it will remain ageless forever!

Stephan’s Folly Today

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