This Aussie Loves To Catch Sharks…With His Bare Hands

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Most people tend to avoid sharks. It’s just a basic instinct to steer clear of massive animals with a taste for blood. These amazing predators have taken more than a few lives, and have left thousands of people with crippling injuries. People tend to avoid putting themselves in harm’s way by hanging around with sharks.

Max Muggeridge, however, is not most people. He’s an Australian angler who’s perfected a technique that lets him catch giant sharks from the shore. Don’t believe me? Then check these out.

This teenager loves fishing for sharks off the coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Some of the sharks that he catches weigh as much as 800 pounds.

He’s pretty familiar with the water, since he works as a lifeguard in Queensland.

He's pretty familiar with the water, since he works as a lifeguard in Queensland.

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Muggeridge has caught over 200 sharks, and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

It sometimes takes the teen hours to pull them ashore.

But the best part about his process is that he tags the sharks and releases them back into the water!

He makes it his mission to tag them without causing any harm.

He’s even caught a hammerhead shark, which is unheard of, since they rarely venture that close to shore.

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Max Muggeridge hasn’t even been on this planet for two decades, and he’s already caught hundreds of sharks. Honestly, that just makes me feel bad about myself.

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