This 18 year old girl lived on just 3 apples a day for eight months in a bid to become a size zero. Look what happened to her..

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This isn’t an article about weight loss; this is a wake up call for all those who think size zero. If you thought the modeling world was all glitzy and glamour and full of partying and fun then think again. French teenager Victoire Macon Dauxerre thought so too until it lead her to hell!!!

Victoire was led into the world of modeling where size zero wasn’t just a trend. It was a requirement. To meet the stringent norms of an anorexic body, read on to know how this 18 year old girl lived on just three apples a day.

1. Vicotire Macon Dauxerre Gave Up Studies to Join the Elite Modeling Agency

Victoire Macon Dauxerre was just 18 when she was swept into the world of modeling. It all started when she was still in high school preparing for her final exams. A modeling agent was quick to spot the beautiful Nicole while she was out shopping with her mother. If only she knew she was at the most dangerous point of her life.

Nicole put aside her dreams of studying further. Instead she allowed herself to be swept up into the world of glitter and glamour. To her like every other teenage girl, modeling was a lifelong dream and so she entered the gateway to her own living hell. She joined the famous elite modeling agency.

Vicotire Macon Dauxerre Gave Up Studies

2. Victoire Was Soon a Slave to the Demands of the Fashion World

It didn’t take very long for Victoire to understand the insensitive demands of the grueling modeling world. She was told she had to lose weight before the fashion weeks in September. By then she had to be size zero. Victoire was trapped!

This may have been the worst time of Victoire’s life. But despite her problems she stuck by her own conviction of wanting to be a famous model. She took the shortest and most deadly route to becoming a size zero. She starved herself. This 18 year old girl lived on just three apples a day for eight months in her bid to lose weight.

Victoire lived on the three apples with no other liquid except sparkling water. Just once a week she ate a meager piece of chicken or fish. Victoire lost 22 pounds over a period of 2 months.

Victoire Was Soon a Slave to the Demands of the Fashion World

3. At 103 Pounds Victoire WasIn Demand. However Behind The Scenes Was A Different Story

Victoire at 5ft 10 weighed just 103 pounds. Herself-starvation diet worked in getting her booked for all major fashion weeks across Europe and the US. Victoire did back to back fashion shows strutting the ramp for big names like MiuMiu, Celine and Alexander McQueen. She was soon on the top 20 list of most wanted models.

The glitter and glamour didn’t last very long for Victoire. She became anorexic. She was bulimic and emotionally drained to the verge of being suicidal. Her thin 47 kg frame developed diseases like osteoporosis. She developed irregular menstruation and even started fainting on the ramp.

At 103 Pounds Victoire WasIn Demand

4. After 8 Months and Attempted Suicide, Victoire Finally Quit

The thorn in the side came when prints of her photo shoots were regularly manipulated to feature fuller thighs and cheeks. To cover up the charade of the fashion world, girls were made to snack in front of media cameras. They would end up vomiting backstage. To quote Victoire, “The girls working there today will probably say I’m lying. They can’t say anything if they want to continue.”

After 8 months of a living hell and a suicide attempt, Victoire finally quit. She went on to publish a book about her experiences titled ‘Never Skinny enough, Diary of a top model’,in which she reveals the murkier side of the fashion industry.

After 8 Months and Attempted Suicide

5. Anorexia Is A Killer Disease. Help Vicotire Raise Awareness!

Victoire Macon Dauxerre, The 18 yr old girl who lived on just 3 apples a day is a wiser woman. Although 90% of the 40,000 who suffer from anorexia are women, Victoire hopes her book has made a difference. She dared to reveal the sordid behind-the-scenes of the fashion world.

You can help her raise awareness on the dangers of anorexia by sharing this story with as many people as you deem correct.

Anorexia Is A Killer Disease

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