They Say Owners And Dogs Begin To Look Alike — This Proves It!

By goneviral

German photographer Ines Opifanti adopted her adorable pup three years ago on a whim and, like many of our pets tend to do, the little cutie totally changed her perspective on the world. Opifanti quickly noticed how expressive her dog’s face could be, finding it “almost human-like” at times.

Then she remembered the old adage about humans resembling their pooches and decided to put that to the test in front of her lens. Using real owners and their own four-legged friends for models, Opifanti was able to capture the uncanny connection between humans and canines.

She started by photographing the dogs first.

Situated on a podium, she would have the owners talk with their pups to get different reactions.

Of course, there were also plenty of treats around to really entice the cuties to let their true character show.

Opifanti wanted to make sure the dogs stayed calm and relaxed around all the bright lights and flashing lenses.

Once she’d captured the perfect fluffy face, it was the human’s turn to step in front of the camera.

They were instructed to do their best at mimicking the silly expressions on their dogs’ faces…

And it turned out, they were all pretty darn good at it.

Each interpretation shows just how connected the owners are to their dogs.

Opifanti found her models through a Facebook post requesting volunteers.

She didn’t know any of the people (or pups!) before the photoshoot.

Proving that the incredible bond between human and pet truly is universal.

Opifanti plans to continue her awesome photo project with even more people and pups.