They Heard Yelps While Out For A Walk…What They Discovered Will Crush You

By goneviral

When a sinkhole formed near a housing unit’s steps in Russia, the city came by to patch it up. They filled the hole with sand and laid brick on top. Sounds fine, right? Everyone’s just doing their job.

But after the project was finished, residents heard something that made their hearts sink. From underneath the freshly laid bricks came a faint barking noise. When the city refused to assist them after a few days, they decided to take matters into their own hands and get to the demolition themselves. They only hoped that it wasn’t too late…

One brick at a time, Vadim Rustam set to work on the rescue.

Watch the whole thing here:

You can definitely tell that she’s exhausted and in shock…

You might have noticed that this pooch is quite round for two days without food…that’s because she’s expecting pups! Both mom and the little ones she’s carrying are doing just fine at a local animal rescue, and they’ll all be ready for adoption soon. Thank goodness Rustam went above city officials’ heads on this one, or who knows if this sweet dog would have ever made it out of her tomb.

Article Source: ViralNova