These Opulent Rooms Are Not What They Seem, And Their Secret Is Amazingly Tiny

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When you think of miniatures, you might think of models, toys, and dollhouses, but in the French city of Lyon, there are miniatures that come with a huge sense of style and grandeur. They’re the miniatures at the Musee Miniature & Cinema — a specialized museum comprised of two parts. One section features incredibly lifelike miniature scenes created by artists from around the world, and the other is home to cinematic props and costumes.

The miniatures are scale models of real places.

To get them right, artists spend countless hours measuring spaces and making them into smaller models. This miniature shows a famous Parisian restaurant.

These artists focus on every last detail.

Miniatures are also traditionally used in movies, especially in the ones that were made before the advent of digital imaging.

Here’s Dan Ohlmann, museum founder and miniature artist.

He’d been building and exhibiting miniatures in small shows for a while, and when he grew tired of that, he set up this museum.

Aside from astounding miniatures, the museum is also home to a number of famous film props.

Here’s a little model from the movie Stuart Little.

These costumes are, from left to right, from the films Lincoln, The Three Musketeers, and The Last Emperor.

There’s also an animatronic dinosaur on site.

The robot from I, Robot lives here, as well.

As does the prosthetic worn by actor Ron Perlman in Hellboy.

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In all, the Musee Miniature & Cinema is home to 100 intricate miniature scenes. To see the astounding detail in the miniatures, visitors are provided with magnifying glasses, and the cinematic section features 300 iconic props.
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