These Monumental Sand Sculptures Will Make You Crave The Beach Again

By goneviral

For many people, summers are spent building forts and castles on the shores of oceans and lakes, or burying a patient parent up to the neck. And then there are the true sand artists, who create soaring, monumental sculptures out of the famously ephemeral substance. They work for hours creating detailed pieces with the full knowledge that they will, in a short time, crumble back into the natural shoreline. One such artist is Carl Jara, who has been creating these sculptures for 20 years, and loves every moment of it.

Hailing from Cleveland, Jara creates massive sand sculptures in his spare time.

He travels to shorelines across the country and participates in competitions and exhibits with other sand artists.

Here, you can see how Jara uses the natural texture of sand in contrast with smoothed planes to make his sculptures all the more striking.

His attention to texture is incredible.

His ability to create stability and balance out of nothing but sand is pretty impressive, too.

(via Ufunk)

Be sure to check out Jara’s Flickr page, where you can see more of his sculptures, as well as the sculptures of his fellow sand artists, who are also all insanely talented.