These 9 Celebrities became teen parents but managed to be successful in their personal as well as professional life

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Teenage pregnancies are known to cause a lot of tension in the day to day lives of parents. Apart from having the social stigma of being a teen parent, young people also have to worry about additional medical issues. The young age of a mother often causes the baby to have low birth weight, anaemia and the even the mother suffers from premature labour and pre-eclampsia.Here is a list of Hollywood celebrities who weren’t expecting to have kids as teenagers, but still managed to become stars and great parents.

1. Anna Nicole Smith

Before becoming a famous supermodel, Anna Nicole Smith had a challenging life of a single mother. She was 15 when she dropped out of school and started working in a restaurant where she met Billy Wayne Smith. They were co-workers in Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken and decided to get married. Smith was 16 and Anna was 17. She gave birth to their son Daniel in 1986 when she was only 17, thus being a celebrity teen parent.

Anna separated from Billy in 1987. She worked for Walmart, Lobster and also as a stripper before becoming successful in a Playboy audition, which changed her life.

Anna Nicole Smith

2. Keisha Castle-Hughes

The New Zealand born actress gained recognition for her nomination for an Academy Award for Best Actor for the film Whale Rider. She was the youngest actor to be nominated in the category at that time. In October 2006, she and her boyfriend Bradley Hall announced that they were expecting a child. The teen parents named their daughter Felicity-Amore Hull, who was born in 2007 when Keisha was only 17. The couple broke up in 2010 after a 7-year relationship. Keisha is now married to Jonathon Morrison.

Keisha Castle-Hughes

3. Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is a well-known actor, comedian, TV host, supermodel, producer and businesswoman. Born in Colombia, she was only 18 when she married her high school classmate Joe Gonzalez. Her son Manolo was born in 1992 when she was just 19 years of age.

Sofia Vergara

4. Roseanne Barr

Roseanne is a well-known actor, TV producer, director and spokesperson. In 1970, she gave birth to a daughter when she was all of 17. She gave up the child for adoption but was reunited. Barr has three children with ex-husband Bill Pentland and another son from her relationship with Ben Thomas.

Roseanne Barr

5. Shirley Temple

One of the leading Hollywood actors in the 1930’s, Shirley Temple married when she was 17. Her daughter Linda Susan was born in 1948 when she was 19, making her one of the celebrity teen parents to be listed here. Her marriage dissolved in 1950, and she married Charles Alden Black the same year. She had two children, Charles Jr.(born in 1952) and Lori(born in 1954) from the marriage.

Shirley Temple

6. Jamie Lynn Spears

The younger sibling of popstar Britney Spears, this Nickelodeon star gained headlines when she announced her pregnancy in 2007 at the age of 16. Though Jamie was engaged to Casey Aldridge, the father of her daughter Maddie Briann, the couple separated in 2010.

Jamie Lynn Spears

7. Aretha Franklin

Singer and musician Aretha Franklin gave birth to her son Clarence in 1955 when she was merely 13! Her second son Edward was born two years later. Though she never revealed the name of the father, both are rumored to be born through her rape by her father, Rev. Clarence LaVaughn Franklin. She later gave birth to two sons, Ted White Jr., now called Teddy Richards in 1964 and Kecalf Cunnigham in 1970.

Aretha Franklin

8. Loretta Lynn

Singer and actor Loretta Lynn was married when she was only 15 to Oliver Vanetta Lynn. She had three children – Jack Benny, Ernest Ray and Betty Sue by the time she was 19 and the teen parents welcomed their fourth child Clara Marie when Lynn 20 years old. The couple had their youngest children Peggy and Patsy in 1964.

Loretta Lynn

9. Naomi Judd

Country singer Naomi Judd gave birth to her daughter Wynonna Jud when she was 18 year old. After Charles Jordan Wynonna’s biological father abandoned her, Judd married Michael Ciminella. Her daughter Ashley Judd was born from this marriage. The couple separated after a few years. Naomi raised both daughters as a single mother.

Naomi Judd

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