These 23 people look exactly like cartoon characters

By goneviral

Every now and then, when I scroll through my Facebook feed, I often find posts like ‘Find out which celebrity you look like!’ and, ‘Face detector! Find out your celebrity look alike.’ However pointless this may be, people love the slight joy provided by the internet when it tells them that they have a particular percentage of resemblance to someone from tinsel town. But would they react the same way, if told that they look like an animated cartoon character?

I don’t know about the others, but for people like me, who’re all about animated movies, I’d definitely take it as a compliment. I’ve often been told that I have a lot of mouse-like facial features, and have been compared to little Nibbles from Tom & Jerry, because I’m rather short and plump. And I take it as an out and out compliment.

And turns out I’m not alone! Let’s take a look at a long list of people who look like cartoons too!

1. Ned Flanders from ‘The Simpsons’

He should probably paint his skin yellow to pull off that perfect Springfield-ian look. But, he really makes for a good Ned Flanders. Don’t you think so?

Ned Flanders from 'The Simpsons'

2. Peter Griffin from ‘Family Guy’

Even the iconic double chin isn’t compromised upon.

 Peter Griffin from 'Family Guy'

3. Meg Griffin from ‘Family Guy’

Not sure if this was coincidental, or if she actually dressed up as Meg on purpose. Resemblance extremely on point though

Meg Griffin from 'Family Guy'

4. Alfredo Linguini from ‘Ratatouille’

The curly red hair, the big eyes and the lanky arms! What a perfect match!!

Alfredo Linguini from 'Ratatouille

5. Carl from ‘Up’

It’s impossible to have watched ‘Up’ and not shipped the relationship between Carl and his wife. I guess I should find someone who looks like him and is of my age maybe?

Carl from 'Up

6. Russell from ‘Up’

Doesn’t his face bring a smile to yours now?

Russell from 'Up'

7. Cartman from ‘South Park’

He’s the pudgiest and probably the cutest of the four. His lookalike though.

Cartman from 'South Park'

8. Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer

To be honest, I’ve seen too many young girls who resemble Dora. Looking like her is literally a fashion statement amongst little girls.

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