The story of these Submerged Sunken Cities around the world will amaze you

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Disasters aren’t always natural. Sometimes Man is also responsible for the most foolish of disasters, resulting in loss of life and property in large numbers. Around the world exist sunken cities submerged either by burst dams, inaccurate planning or freakish rainfall. Some of these locations have been submerged for more than thirty years underwater but have been fortunate enough to resurface due to receding water only to reveal desolate and devastated areas. Read on about the sunken cities, some of which exist barely above water.

1 Epecuen village, Argentina

This village in Argentina was once a bustling little town and a big tourist attraction for locals. It was located on the shore of a salt lake in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In November,1985, unusual and devastating weather resulted in torrential rainfall that caused the nearby lake to overflow. The protective wall around the town gave way and was subsequently submerged by the onrushing deluge. The population was forced to flee after which the town remained submerged for thirty years till waters receded recently to reveal a desolate wasteland of dead trees and destruction. There were even rusty artifacts strewn all over, including a graveyard.

Epecuen village, Argentina

2 Lake Resia, Italy

The man-made lake, Resia was created to unite the towns of Graun and Reschen, nestled in the Alps. However, a dam was proposed by an electric company to provide local supply of power but the plan also included the joining of the lake with two real lakes in the vicinity, which would undoubtedly end up in the towns getting submerged. Despite of protests, the plan fell through and the towns were actually submerged in 1950. Today all that is seen of the towns is the bell tower that weirdly juts out of the lake standing ghostlike against the backdrop of mountains. Although the bells were removed, villagers sear that they hear the haunting toll of the bells on cold wintery nights.

Lake Resia, Italy

3 Potosi Town, Venezuela

An uncanny weather formation created headline news in Potosi town in Venezuela. The area fell prey to severe drought because of El Nino weather conditions resulting in severe power cuts and a mad rush for water. But what caused the news was that the drought ended up uncovering the ghostly remains of a complete village which had been submerged by flooding in 1985. The town had since then been submerged under twenty six feet meters of water and was home to a population of 1200.

The sight no doubt caused many tears as seeing the village again, complete with ruins and destroyed homes and desolate church was an emotional event.

Potosi Town, Venezuela

4 St. Thomas, Nevada, USA

As sunken cities go, St. Thomas in the USA makes for an interesting story. Just near the Colorado River in Nevada is the town of St. Thomas. It was a Mormon settlement in 1865 until they left and St, Thomas was overrun by drifters and vagabonds. However it went on to become a thriving and bustling town due to its rich agricultural nature. Authorities then decided to level the town to make way for a dam to be erected in the area which went on to become the largest manmade lake in the US.

The lake submerged St. Thomas until very recently when drought struck and St. Thomas resurfaced complete with valuable artifacts such as old cars and ruined buildings, all said to be of immense historic value. Today St. Thomas is a tourist attraction and removal of items is prohibited from the site.

St. Thomas, Nevada USA

5 Port Royal, Jamaica

Port Royal in Jamaica was almost like shipwreck cove in the Movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. This notoriously infamous town was a hotbed of pirate activity and it was also famous for being a haven for nefarious activities such as booze and partying. It was devastated by a massive earthquake in June 1692 which rocked all of Jamaica and promptly sunk Port Royal into the ocean. For many years hence people believed that the natural disaster was divine retribution for Port Royal’s sins because at one time it was known as the most sinful place in the world. Even now undersea explorations continue to dig up artifacts found in Port Royal lying forty feet deep in the sea.

Port Royal Jamaica


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