The spine-chilling reason behind the rise in organ donations in the US

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Medicine has evolved to such a phase now that doctors are able to perform better and more successful organ transplants than before. People in the US have been more forthcoming in donating their body parts and are becoming willing donors after their deaths and this has benefited many people whose lives have been saved from organs donated by such kind souls. But, the reality is that there are many people still dying waiting for an organ on the transplant waiting list, because doctors have to prioritize the organ transplant depending on various factors.

But in recent times, there has been an increase in the number of organ donations in the US, but there is a very disturbing and concerning reason behind the increase. Take a look at that reason here.

Organ Transplant

When an organ in the body starts to stop functioning, you can put yourself in line for an organ transplant list on advice from your doctor. However, the possibility and time to get a new organ, usually depends on the type, blood type and permission from the hospital committee. If you have a history of smoking, drinking or any condition that may harm the new condition also, your application may be rejected. However, it also depends on the availability of the organs, as not many people donate their organs and it is difficult to get healthy organs. But currently, there is a rise in the number of organs that have come up for donation, but there is a very sick and disturbing reason behind this rise.

Organ Transplant

Reason behind increase of available donor organs

The reason behind this rise in organs for donation is the rise in the number of people dying due to drug overdose in the US. According to Federal Medical Data, the number of organ donors who have died due to overdoses of drugs has risen from 1.1% of all organ donors in the year 2000 to 9.34% in 2005. The rate of people dying from drug overdoses has increased by 137% in 2000, which includes a 200% rise in rate of overdose deaths which involve use of opiods. As per as US Department Health and Human Services Data, 22 people die every day in US waiting for an organ transplant.

Reason behind increase of available donor organs

Amount of risk involved in transplant using such organs

However, performing organ transplant using the organs of people who have died due to drug overdoses is potentially putting the lives of the recipients in danger. Such operations are causing accidental deaths in the US, in which organs from people dying due to overdose of Oxycontin and vicodin were transplanted into healthy people and caused death of those people. Organs from people who died from an overdose of heroin, MDMA and PCP may cause severe kidney damage in healthy people. In 2007, four people got HIV and Hepatitis C from donor organ and in 2004 four people died from rabies when they received organs from a person, who doctors thought died of drug overdose, but had actually died from rabies. In 2015, organs were only recovered from 9080 deceased people.

doctors performing organ transplant


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