The most bizarre and true reincarnation of Carl Edon who was a Nazi airman

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Tales of spirituality, the paranormal and reincarnation are thrilling when told, but not all end up being true. It takes an extremely credible story based on facts to make the world really sit up and take notice. One such story of reincarnation involving a boy from England was so deeply embedded in facts provided by the subject in question that it became extremely famous in what was known as the reincarnation of Carl Edon.

This man was believed to be a Nazi airman in his past life and the subsequent events surrounding his case are so bizarre and uncanny that no rationalist could ever hope to doubt that it isn’t true.

1 Fantastic Stories about a German Fighter Pilot

The reincarnation of Carl Edon is mesmerizing. It is the few among reincarnation stories, that have been based on solid proof which is what makes it so strange and extraordinary.

When Carl Edon, born in 1972, was three years old, he surprised his family by narrating an absurd story that he was at one time a German fighter pilot in charge of a bomber plane. Although most were confused as Carl was never subjected to books or any literature that could have suggested a liking to such stories, Carl’s father was curious and investigated further.

Carl Edon German Fighter Pilot

2 Carl Learnt Up German Symbols and Drew A Perfect Nazi Insignia

From then on, Carl would continue narrating such stories and even make a Nazi salute. He insisted he had crashed his plane through a window after being shot down in 1942. His details were uncanny and frightening, even to the point of detailing that it was a bombing raid over London. He also drew perfect symbols of swastikas and various German Insignia including the famous German eagle. This was incredible as it wasn’t even remotely possible for any three year old to learn such a thing.

Carl remarked, his name was Robert and he was a Nazi airman in his past life. He even mentioned his father’s name, Fritz. When Carl reached the age of six, he was already providing technical details of a bomber plane and its method to release a bomb which was done by a red foot pedal. He even described the plane as a Messerschmidt which was rather frightening.

Carl Learnt Up German Symbols

3 An Amazing Discovery In 1997

In what appeared strange was that Carl bore little resemblance to his parents, he was a typical blonde with Scandinavian features. He looked like a German. He was meticulous in his work, disciplined as a soldier would want to be and stood straight when spoken to. In short, by the time he was 11, he was behaving like an army man.

There were no records or documents that the family could turn to, to corroborate his stories until one day something unbelievable happened. In 1997, just off Tilbury Road in Middleborough, a wreckage of a German bomber plane was discovered. By this time Carl was 25 years old.

Flying nazi plane

4 Startling Revelation Relating To the Identity Of the Dead Fighter Pilot

The plane was dug up to reveal the body of a pilot inside who was identified as Heinrich Richter. It was also discovered that Richter’s right leg was severed in the crash but had remained in his boot which matched the exact same description Carl had given his parents. Even more startling was the fact that Carl had a birthmark in the same spot on his groin from where Richter’s leg had been severed. Reincarnation studies have proved that reincarnated subjects possess some mark in relation to the person existing in the past.

A local reporter, fascinated by Carl’s story started his own investigation to verify if Carl’s fantastic story was true and to his amazement, when he found Richter’s picture, the German looked just like Carl. In fact they seemed twins. Carl’s parents were stunned into disbelief.

Identify Of the Dead Fighter Pilot

5 The Tragic Irony and Bizarre Twist in the Tale

But! Do you really want to know the most bizarre twist in the entire story of Carl Edon? When Richter’s body was discovered, Carl had already been dead for two years, murdered gruesomely by his friend Gary Vinter who stabbed Carl no less than 37 times. The location was Skinnigrove railway tracks.

Before Richter’s plane could crash, he had flown to Middleborough after bombing Skinnigrove. He too followed the same route as Carl just before he crashed and died. His age? 24!

The Tragic Irony

6 Carl Edon Hopefully Rests In Peace

Carl Edon’s parents were well and truly convinced that Carl was speaking the truth and he was indeed a Nazi airman in his past. When Richter’s body was taken for burial, Valerie and Jim Edon attended the burial and it felt as if they were burying their son again. They hoped that the boys would now be granted peace. As for Gary Vintner, though he was convicted and let out after 10 years, he murdered his wife and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Carl Edon's parents


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