The most amazing woman who brought hope to hundreds of starving children

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The real heroes in the world are those who strive relentlessly for the good of humanity. The virtues of such actions are personified when it involves the upliftment and rehabilitation of needy children. Maria Conceicao is one such woman who as a regular working girl answered the call to a vocation which you would never expect. Maria became the savior of hundreds of poverty stricken children in Bangladesh. The fact that she would achieve such a phenomenal goal on her own makes her deserving of the title the World’s most amazing woman.

Till her calling, Maria was a busy Air-hostess working for the Emirates Airline. However one trip to Bangladesh was about to alter her life forever.

1. Her Touchdown in Bangladesh Would Alter Her Life Forever

When Maria landed in Bangladesh, it was her first visit to the country. While travelling to her hotel she noticed innumerous poverty-stricken little children roaming the roads; some begging, some scavenging while others just loitered around. They were malnourished and starving. Maria was warned against beggars, but when she met a young beggar girl, her heart spoke differently and she felt a wave of sympathy for the child.

Throughout the duration of her stay in Bangladesh, she made sure she brought the girl food, sweets and basic items. Maria was so touched by the incident that she got herself posted to the Bangladesh roster every month just so that she could see the girl again.

Her Touchdown in Bangladesh Would Alter Her Life Forever

2. Maria Understood Her New Vocation

However, after a few trips to Bangladesh and back, the magnitude of the problem dawned on Maria. It wasn’t just this young beggar girl, child poverty and malnourishment was everywhere. It was like a plague infecting the country. Maria then had a revelation that the only solution to such a problem was education. That would be the most effective tool to help these young boys and girls get out of the quagmire that was holding them down.

It took Maria 11 tiresome years to set upon what was to become ‘The Maria Cristina Foundation’ named after her own Mother. Registered in the UK, the dedicated efforts of the foundation, would go on to fund the education of more than a 1000 children in Bangladesh. When all doors had closed in upon them, here was Maria, a savior opening a window to a new world.

Maria Understood Her New Vocation

3. She Ran Marathons for Charity

But as charities come and go, Maria was an organization unto herself and this story isn’t just about a woman wanting to do something for charity. This is about the amazing lengths to which Maria went to raise awareness and money for the poor children of Bangladesh.

Maria became a marathon runner participating in 7 marathons across the world, she became the first Portuguese woman to summit MT Everest in 2013. In 2011, she trekked to the North Pole and she has earned the distinction of running 7 marathons in 7 days. She had also made a herculean attempt to swim the English Channel; now this is what you call the world’s most amazing woman. Apart from holding several inspirational and motivation awards she also has 6 Guinness world records to her credit. She did all this because one beggar girl touched her heart and showed the plight of a thousand.

She Ran Marathons for Charity

4. She gave hope to many

Maria’s conviction and commitment to her case is fascinating. She is an inspiration to all women who aspire to be great. It is only through such acts that one can be a true hero in the eyes of many. If you visit Maria’s website at the Maria Cristina Foundation, you’ll be amazed to see how much hope and happiness Maria has given to the families of the children who see a better future through education. Her foundation has inspired the children to become success stories themselves, while striving towards progress and excellence.

She gave hope to many

5. An Angel from God

To the hundreds of children helped by Maria, she could well be an angel sent from God in the deepest and darkest hours destined to a life on the streets. Today, Maria’s efforts have helped all those children to get a second chance at life. Maria has given them hope in humanity. For the children of Bangladesh, Maria is truly the world’s most amazing woman. Watch Maria’s video as she describes her story in her own words.

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