The magic recipe to say goodbye to your glasses and improve eyesight

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The eyes are one of the most important sensory organs as we see the world via them. We need to take proper care of the eyesight since we damage our eyesight in many ways. Reading in dim light, watching television for a long time and now thanks to the technology, keeping our eyes glued to the tablets and mobile phone screens; all of these habits have contributed to failing and poor eyesight. You can see even 2-3 year old kids with specs on their eyes and that is not a good sign.

Instead, you should try out this 19th century recipe that was concocted by a well-known Russian eye doctor and many people have tried it and certified that it really works for the eyes and thanks to the ingredients used in the mixture, it also benefits the whole body.

1 The doctor who suggested the recipe

In the 19th century, Russian ophthalmologist and surgeon Vladimir Filatov suggested the use of alternative medicine along with the hospital’s medicines in order to keep the eyesight perfect. He is regarded as one of the pioneers of the tissue therapy. He introduced the tube flap method of grafting and corneal transplant and was one of the first doctors to save the eyes from cadavers. He suggested that patients must use the natural ingredients in order to keep their eyesight correct. The recipe he suggested in order for eye care just needs 4 ingredients and you can grow all the ingredients in your backyard in order to make sure they are pure and totally natural.

surgeon Vladimir Filatov

2 The magical recipe

The four ingredients required in the recipe are as follows:

  • 100gm Aloe Vera Juice
  • 500gm Walnuts (crushed)
  • 300gm pure honey
  • juice from 3-4 lemons

aloe vera juice

Now to take the juice out of aloe vera, you need to cut off the upper, middle and lower leaves of the plant. Now wash them in boiled water, which has been cooled. Remove the spiky bits from the leaves and chop them into small pieces. Now put them in a cloth and squeeze out the juice from them. Be sure to use a clean and dry cloth or gauge. It would be much better if the leaves were to be kept intact in the fridge for 12 days before being chopped up and juiced. Now mix the juice along with other ingredients and take this mixture, 1 tablespoon 3 times a day, half an hour before mealtime. If you follow the instructions correctly, the mixture will definitely improve your eyesight and since it is full of vitamins, your whole body will benefit from it, along with your eyes.


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