The Internet Went To Town After TV Anchor Tried (And Painfully Failed) To Do The Splits On Air

By goneviral

It’s always best to be certain that you can do a party trick before you attempt it in front of your friends. Especially if your friends are your coanchors and you’re live on TV. But that didn’t stop this Italian wannabe gymnast from attempting the splits and getting it terribly wrong.

Initially, she looks like she’s going to nail it. She goes in with complete confidence and composure. However, when her legs don’t separate as much as they should (oi oi!) she hits her head on the studio floor. Needless to say, I imagine this was the most mortifying moment in this woman’s life.

And so, the internet thought it would help her get over the incident…


This particular piece speaks volumes of shape and space and their interdependence upon one another


John Cena!


She’s finished, mate. Leave it out

Well, it is the sort of mishap Mr Bean would have


What are your qualifications?


An incredible feat. And incredible feet. The heels really didn’t help though.


Even scarier than the original


Now I come to think of it, these Photoshop creations probably won’t help the poor woman get over the incident at all. It should all blow over soon though. After all, it’s not like she asked for anything to be photoshopped.