The influences of posture and how it can affect you for better or worse

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Have you ever given any thought about your body posture or the way you sit when at work or leisure? Did you know that your posture impacts your mental well-being, where the current effect of a bad posture can well cause ill effects on your mental state even at that particular moment?

Most people hardly give a thought to posture and while sitting the entire day at work or watching television at home, the majority will have a bad posture. The only time when there is some regard for a bad posture is when your chronic back ache is identified by the simple reason of your poor posture habits. Read on to find out all the influences of posture.

1 Slouching Can Cause Spinal Injury

Bad posture or slouching can actually result in spinal injury over time, where the first sign of such an instance is pain in various vertebrae of the spinal column, mainly the upper and lower back. Prolonged and neglected spinal issues can even result in the degeneration of a spinal disk.

Slouching causes your muscles to become taut and imbalanced; the primary cause of muscle injury. Certain muscles are elongated and some are shortened forcibly due to bad posture,and when the body tries to rectify the imbalance, that is when the injury happens.

Slouching Can Cause Spinal Injury

2 Organ Compression and Pressure

Sitting in a bad posture can cause a compression of your organs and you could experience shallow breathing. This affects you emotionally, resulting in a lack of focus and concentration. Slouching creates a sense of fogginess in your mental faculties and reduces immunity.

The fact that slouching impacts emotional and mental well-being can be proved by a simple exercise. Just close your eyes and start slouching. Then gauge your feelings, whether there is a sense of exuberance or lethargy. Do you feel that your mind has opened up or do you experience a total shut down and the sense of being confined within yourself? Do you find you can breathe freely? Most of all, do you feel a sense of vulnerability and suspicion?

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3 Good Posture Results In Positive Thinking

The above questions were the part of a unique study undertaken by Ava Kyte, a fitness trainer yoga instructor, a yogi, and mentor of healthy living where participants were asked the same questions while seated in a poor posture. All of them replied in the affirmative. But when the same participants were asked to sit in an upright position akin to good posture with ribcage, shoulders and tailbone aligned in perfectly, all of them felt a reduction of negative effects, where there was a sense of confidence, exuberance and empowerment. Moreover, they felt more focused and strengthened physically and mentally. Such were the mental influences of posture.

Good Posture Man working in office

4 Posture Influences Physical and Mental Development

Erik Pepper, a behavioral scientist who teaches holistic health in San Francisco State University makes his students get up periodically during his lectures and wiggle and move around in a series of wacky exercises for just a minute, before asking them to sit down again in an upright posture. The reason for such an action is to prevent students from exhaustion and fatigue from sitting down for too long, which invariably ends in slouching and wrong posture. After the exercise, they are invigorated, upright and more attentive. Pepper states that there is a definite relationship between mind and body that features both negative and positive influences.

Posture while standing is important too. During work breaks, if an individual performs a light exercise or walks upright, it can activate energy levels and invigorate the body, in comparison to slouching or walking with a slump which can drain your mental and physical energy. Such observations were made by both behavioral scientist Erik Pepper and a study undertaken in the Ohio State University in 2003 which proved how shaking heads in agreement or disagreement too, could affect a person’s opinion on a subject. Even hugging oneself could do much to reduce physical pain.

Posture Influences Physical and Mental Development

5 Tips To Create Better Posture

What most people don’t realize is that posture has a direct impact on one’s emotional state. The influences of Posture; good or bad, have the ability to alter such states for better or worse, and our decisions are also affected by posture. In a fast paced world, smart decisions are required to go through the intricacies of life and those can only come about by practicing a good posture. A bad posture does not put one in the right state of mind, leave alone choosing the right solutions that improve one’s life. If slouching, as you have been doing all this while, is easy, sitting erect is easy to.

Tips on good posture

  • Practice stretching your chest
  • Perform back strengthening exercises
  • Strive towards making your back and spine flexible and mobile
  • Flex your back muscles
  • Strengthen your glutes, hamstrings and calf muscles

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