The Bermuda Triangle mystery may have been solved, Scientists find new evidence!!

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Call it mystery! Call it myth! Call it the Devil’s Triangle, or what you may! But, there’s no escaping the fact that the famous Bermuda Triangle has perplexed humanity for the last 165 years.

Almost since 1950, the Bermuda triangle has plagued scientists with the mysterious phenomenon of disappearing ships and planes and the loss of more than 8000 lives. The region deemed supernatural by some, encompasses part of the North Atlantic Ocean just off the island of Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami.

Linked to alien intervention, scientists have revealed a possible explanation in what appears to be circulating as a major news around the world that the Bermuda Triangle mystery may have been solved.

A Total of 8127 People Have Disappeared In the Bermuda Triangle

Since 1851, the mysterious and terrifying Bermuda triangle plagued ships and planes flying close to the island of Bermuda. In total 8127 people have disappeared along with a significant number of ships and airplanes, one of them being the famous training bomber flight 19 which disappeared on 5th December 1945. What could have made all those vessels disappear, alien beings? Well that was the most plausible explanation!

Now scientists may have solved the mystery. It is now being claimed that explosive methane gas may be the cause behind the mysterious disappearance of all those lost in the Bermuda triangle.

A Total of 8127 People Have Disappeared In the Bermuda Triangle

The Methane Gas Craters Detected In The Barents Sea may Provide Answers

A new research carried out by scientists of the Arctic University in Norway put forward the possible suggestions that a multitude of craters existing on the floor of the Barents Sea may also serve as a basis of explaining the occurrence of disappearances in the Bermuda triangle.

The craters visible on the sea bed off the coast of Norway were the result of massive methane gas explosions. Some craters were measured to be chasms with depths of 150 feet and a radius of half a mile. The phenomena could have been the result of gas which might have leaked out from deposits present deep within the sea floor.

Methane Gas Craters Detected In The Barents Sea. May Provide Answers

Seven Methane Craters discovered near Siberia

The presence of methane being leaked from the sea floor has been a topic of constant research in areas surrounding the eastern coasts of the USA and Siberia, where scientists have a discovered a total of seven craters caused by methane gas. The need for such studies was to gauge the extent of danger posed by methane explosions to sea traffic. Radar has now been developed showing the presence of methane craters around the world.

Seven Methane Craters discovered off Siberia

Methane Gas Explosions: The Main Logical Cause behind the Bermuda Triangle!

However for the record, this isn’t the first time methane explosions have been suggested as the logical explanation behind the mystery of Bermuda triangle. A group of scientists led by Igor Yelstov from the Trofimuk institute of Russia last year had said that there is a version that the Bermuda Triangle is a consequence of gas hydrates reactions.

They claimed that the mysterious disappearing act of the Bermuda triangle was due to decomposed craters formed into methane ice producing large pockets of gas akin to a nuclear reaction

The Main Logical Cause behind the Bermuda Triangle Claim Scientists

Is it the End to the Mystery of Bermuda Triangle?

The subject of methane gas explosions and its risks on the safety of ships will be further discussed by maritime scientists in the annual conference of European Geosciences Union scheduled at Vienna on April 17th. Scientists will also reach a consensus by discussing whether methane explosions were indeed the cause of the disappearances of the Bermuda triangle.

A Final End to the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle??

The Bermuda triangle mystery may have been solved with the concept of the methane gas explosions. However come April and it will remain to be seen whether the explanation can well fit into the anomalies caused by the Bermuda triangle. If it does, then the science world will finally rest easy at the final end to an open chapter of world mysteries.


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