Sure, You Can Put Paint On Just About Anything…But What About Water?

By goneviral

You can paint on just about anything, and people do. You name it, someone has painted on it. Canvas, wood, stone, faces — you can paint on it. But what about something a little less…solid? Could you paint on, say, water?

If painting on water sounds impossible, then just watch. A street artist shows us how you can, in fact, paint on water. The technique is similar to creating marbled paper, and has actually been used by artists and craftspeople for hundreds of years to get beautiful, swirling patterns and colors.

First of all, the surface here isn’t just water — it’s mixed with a substance that makes it slightly thicker and more jelly-like. This helps the paint float and spread out more slowly.

The artist uses syringes, pins, and combs to create designs.

Here’s how you paint on water, all accompanied by some very chill music:

Paper marbling, sometimes called ebru art (as it is in the video), is an old skill, but it never fails to amaze when watched in action.

Article Source: ViralNova