Plastic surgery costs you should consider before opting for one

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Plastic surgery costs are never just a few Dollar bills and you should definitely weigh options before you decide to go under the knife. Some simple surgeries are affordable while other elaborate surgeries depend on the material you want and the intensity of the surgery.

We have done a basic research and have compiled a price list for the basic surgeries opted by many. Although the plastic surgery costs can vary depending on the surgeon, this is the approximate ball park. Read on to get an idea of the financial aspect so that you can decide whether you really do want the surgery.

1. The most common surgeries

One of the most common plastic surgery opted by many women is a tummy tuck. Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck can cost anywhere around $ 5,232 and this is a onetime treatment, whereas Botox costs $382 for each sitting and you will have to take repeated sittings for 4-6 months approximately. To get your buttocks lifted, you will need $ 4,878 and this treatment requires just one sitting.

If you are opting for cellulite treatment, each sitting is going to cost you around $223 and the treatment is an ongoing one so there is no set number and can be expensive. Adding the whole sum can make this treatment really expensive compared to other plastic surgery costs.

The most common surgeries

2. Breast surgeries

Getting work done on breasts has become very common and hence, there are many procedures too. Whether it is augmentation or reduction, there are many options you can choose from. Also, the cost varies with the material chosen for implants. For breast augmentation saline, it costs anywhere around $ 3,583 and for silicon, a whopping $ 4,005. A simple breast lift will cost you $ 4,258 and for a breast reduction, you will have to spend $ 5,550. You better be loaded if you are planning for a breast surgery!

Breast surgeries

3. Face and Hair

Plastic surgeries related to face and hair are common among both the genders and these treatments are no big deal, apart from the wallet point of view, of course. Cheek implants cost around $ 2,720 and chin augmentation costs about $ 2,095. If you want to get your ear operated for whatever reason, you will need $ 3,951 at least.

Eyelid surgery costs $ 2,813 and to get a forehead lift or brow lift, you will have to shell out $3,148. For a facelift which is another favourite among women, be prepared to shell out a huge amount of almost $ 6,298.

Hair transplant is pretty expensive too and can cost around $ 5,033. All of these treatments require just one sitting each and you won’t need any more expenses on them unless the surgery goes wrong. If you wish to opt for a laser hair removal, then you would have to keep $347 handy for each sitting and this goes on for a few months.

Face and Hair

4. Liposuction

Another common surgery that has gained momentum recently is liposuction. This surgery is opted by overweight or obese people to suck out the extra fat from the body, mainly from the abdomen and thigh areas. There are two kinds of liposuction, the first one costs $2,697 and the second one, which is ultra sound assisted costs $2,956.

Many people are opting for liposuction to achieve desired physical appearance. The surgery is easy and quick and the technology has made the surgery more efficient than ever, but you ought to be aware of the side effects too.

Having knowledge of plastic surgery costs is very important before you decide to take the plunge and go under the knife. Keep this information handy and take the right decision.


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