Lend your hand to those troubled paws. 9 reasons why you should adopt a dog

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I’m one of those (not so) rare human beings who prefer dogs to human beings any day. The reason for this, I could go on justifying for more than a day. Having a dog at home could brighten up your life like nothing else can. And buying a dog is not the only way to obtain one of these bundles of joy. Adopting is a viable option too! Here are nine reasons as to why you should adopt a dog.

1. The responsibility is Reduced

Okay let’s face it,raising a puppy is almost as challenging as raising a newborn child. There a number of things that you have to look after and it may be rather taxing on your day to day schedule as you will have to go for regular visits to the vet, vaccinations, micro chipping, spraying, neutering, to mention a few. But shelters normally cover all of that in the adoption fee. So your only job is to nurture the fur ball with love.

Doctor injecting the dog

2. You Can Find Your Perfect Fit

Dog shelters normally house grown-up dogs that have been abandoned or retired from the services, etc. If you happen to adopt a dog from a shelter, you have the liberty to pick a dog that suits your personality the best. Happy dog, smart dog, cheeky dog, cuddly dog, you name it! This is a privilege people who buy dogs don’t get.

Smiling puppy

3. House Training? Check

Oh I forgot to mention how laborious and time consuming training a dog can be. It’s definitely truckloads of fun and allows you to bond with your dog a lot, but sometimes can take much longer than you think it will take. Most dogs in shelters are already house trained. Your decor at home will be thanking their stars and a well-behaved, obedient dog always is a pleasure.

Dog cleaning his own shit

4. It’s A Slap In The Face To Puppy Mills

A puppy mill is hands down the worst place for a dog to be. These mills are purely profit oriented and they care the least about the welfare of the dogs they house. They have factory-like breeding facilities and dogs are kept in cages with improper medical care and living conditions. The worst part being, unfit and unprofitable dogs are killed off or abandoned. Most dogs at pet stores come from these mills and hence, adopting a puppy is a healthy way of protest against these hell-houses.

It's A Slap In The Face To Puppy Mills

5. You Can Make Sure He Gets The Best During His Final Days

Dogs that retire from the services often find themselves spending their last days at dog shelters. Dogs who served in the services are honorary individuals and definitely deserve better. Moreover these are the kind of dogs who are the most complacent, obedient and have the biggest hearts. Give them the care and love they need before it’s too late and adopt a dog from a shelter!

You Can Make Sure He Gets The Best During His Final Days

6. You Can Understand Your Pet Better

Since dogs at shelters are grown-up animals, the shelters are likely to have records containing their history and details regarding their health. This way, they can give you a much clearer idea on how you can take care of your dog. You’ll know about everything; what your dog went through and exactly how to care for him when he falls ill.

You Can Understand Your Pet Better

7. It’s a Cheaper Option

Often, certain breeds of dogs are rather expensive and this is a largely demotivating factor for people who wish to have a dog. There’s an answer to your problem! Adopt a dog! Even the best breeds of dogs are given away to people at subsidized rates, so adoption won’t make that a big hole in your pockets.

 It's a Cheaper Option

8. You’ll Be Doing A Good Deed

A dog asks nothing of you; it only needs your love and affection, and will love you back like no other human can. Dogs at shelters are the ones that are the most in need of a home and hence if you adopt a dog, you’re the good Samaritan! You’re giving an animal a second chance at life and if that’s not satisfying to your self-esteem, then I don’t know what is.

You'll Be Doing A Good Deed

9. Simply Because It’s The Right Thing To Do

This is reason enough!

Take a look at the most friendly dog breeds of the world, before a make a final decision!

This is reason enough!

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