If you have a mole at any of these 7 spots, you need to know what personality oddities you have

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Moles are benign growths on the body. They can appear anywhere and at any time on the body. They happen when cells grow on the skin in a cluster, rather than spreading throughout the skin. These cells are called as melanocytes and they form the pigment that gives the natural color to the skin.

People from ancient times have interpreted different meanings of moles on the body on the basis of their location and this had given lead to many superstitions. But the most studied moles are the moles on the faces. A branch of astrology known as Moleosophy deals with the location of moles on the body and also predicts personality traits based on those moles.

So read about the location of 7 major spots for moles and the related personality quirks in the following article and check out what your mole says about you.

1. The mole on the temple

If you have a mole on the temple, then according to an ancient Chinese belief, it is a sign that the person may travel a lot in his/her life or migrate to some new place. People with this kind of mole on temple; tend to frequently lookout for jobs that will require them to travel to far off places.

Good mole placement can mean receipt of good news or gifts from abroad, while bad mole placement may mean bad dealing in business from abroad and also misfortune.

The mole on the temple

2. Eyebrow mole

A mole on the eyebrow or nearby eyebrow is an indicator that the person is full of creative and artistic ability and always has good luck on his/her side. People with this kind of mole are known to make decisions that guarantee them a solid career, which in turn brings them wealth and happiness in abundance.

If the mole is well placed, the person can be a leader in their community. But if the mole has an unfortunate location, it means that the person might have a major setback before they reach 30 years of age.

Eyebrow mole

3. Mole between three features

This is considered as the mole with the best location. Traditionally it is a mole between the three features or the home sector. This represents that the person is a jack of all trades and has the ability to be good in many things at the same time.

Though such people have to be very careful when it comes to dealing with relatives and close friends, as their argumentative nature and tendency to be unhappy all the time can lead to some fights amongst the loved ones.

Mole between three features

4. Upper lip mole

The mole on the upper lip makes the person extremely attractive with an amazing personality and hence also signifies that he/she may be a lifelong flirt. People with such moles are extremely friendly and have a charming nature that draws people like magnet. They love big families and are easy going people.

They like good food and the latest in fashion and do not have any problems in making friends. But the positioning of the mole can make a person down to earth and humble despite having such a charming presence, or can make him an arrogant fool.

Upper lip mole

5. Cheekbone mole

If you have a mole on your cheekbone, it means that you are a person who has a lot of influence and commands great respect, when it comes to the field of work you have chosen. If the mole is well placed in the correct position, then the person will stand to gain lots of money from his abilities.

But if the mole is in the wrong position, then, the person may suffer from poverty due to poor character. Anyways, the person with a cheekbone mole will make money and save it for later years.

Cheekbone mole

6. Mole on the palm of the hand

If you have a mole on the palm of your hand, then it means that you are a really lucky fella. You will always have money with you. People with mole on the palm of the hand will get money with ease and will also have the ability to handle it nicely. They will invest the money wisely and get rich dividends.

Mole on the palm of the hand

7. Mole on the foot

If you have a mole anywhere on the foot, it means you will have lots of travelling in your life. You love to travel from place to place and can think of any reason to go to any place. People with such a mole, tend to work in a profession that lets them travel to places and also display leadership skills of the highest order.

Mole on the foot

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