How to get a perfect cosy master bedroom in 10 simple ways

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Your bedroom is your personal hideaway from the entire world! Everything from the colours to the bedding affects your mood at the end of the day. We begin and end our day with our bedroom and therefore it is important to decorate this hideaway with a personal touch and in the best possible way.

The master bedroom should be cosy and inviting. It should pamper you and help you forget the worries of the world and here is how you can turn your master bedroom into your own coy heaven.

1. Fluff it up

Fluffy comforters and pillows make for an inviting sight and are the simplest way to make your master bedroom cosy. Colour-coordinate your pillows with your walls and the furniture around to keep everything in harmony. Indulge in floral prints or neutral earthy tones, depending on your taste! Cover a part of your bed with these cushiony pillows and you can sink into these comforters after a long day.

Fluff it up

2. Knitted or texture throw

Nothing defines cosy more than a textured or a cable knit throw. This heavy piece of bedding is inviting and also adds subtle texture to the master bedroom. Go for a big chunky blanket in neutral tones for a romantic old world charm.

Knitted or texture throw

3. Cosy lighting

Lighting is a major influence on the ambience. Go for soft lights or a filigree bedside lamp to cosy up your master bedroom. If you do not want to go overboard then just light a corner up with soft fairy lights and have your own romantic corner!

Cosy lightin

4. Rugs are a must

Adding rugs to your master bedroom instantly cosies it up. Add warmth and a personal touch to your room with rugs that you can sink your feet into. Add texture on texture by indulging in rug on rug arrangement! Go for contrasting textures or matching rustic rugs depending on your personal taste.

Rugs are a mus

5. Curtains and canopies

Textured curtains and drapes make for inviting ambience in the bedroom. Warm up the space with patterned curtains or brighten up your room with some vintage floral patterns. You can go all aboard with a beautiful canopy over the bed in the master bedroom to create your own nest of comfort!

Curtains and canopies

6. Cosy corner

Reserve a corner just for yourself, with a sink-in chair or a cute bean bag against the wall where you can have some peace and sit with a book or two. This corner can be a full-fledged seating area with a cushiony seater, a side table and a hand knitted rug for you and your spouse to indulge in some late night romantic conversations and Chinese order-ins.

Cosy corner

7. Darker accent wall

Go for darker tones and beautiful patterned wall papers to add to the ambience. This makes the room cosier. The darker wine tones add to the rich look for the master bedroom. You can give the room a vintage upgrade with vintage wall paper and rustic antique decor items. The intricately crafted lamps and wall hangings feel oh so pretty!

Darker accent wall

8. Ceiling and bedside lamps

Invest in lamps that match to the ambience of your room. Go for soft light lamps and cute bedside lamps to add the wow factor to your master bedroom

 Ceiling and bedside lamps

9. Add textures

Play with patterns and textures in your master bedroom. Loosen up the clinical look with handicraft indigo patterns and fuzzy textures. Add a fuzzy blanket to your bed along with a loosely knitted bed spread.

 Add textures

10. Keep it simple

It is always best to have a harmonious colour palette and indulge in just one accent feature! You can play with different pattern and prints but keep the palette minimal with neutral and rustic shades or a single vibrant shade. Keep the room personalized with some family photos or a family pin board with cards and letters!

Keep it simple

Have fun experimenting and remember the key is to add your personalized touch to your little cosy corner!

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