How humans will look like in future, say in 1,000 years! Lets explore the mystery.

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How humans will look like in future? This question intrigues every mind, and people always want to know how the human race will evolve. Now if we compare ourselves to our ape-like looking ancestors of 1,000 years before, we find that the current humans are taller, healthier and evidently more intelligent than them. And thanks to the advancements in technology, we can have a look at how we will look 1,000 years from now.

If you are wondering whether we encounter aliens anywhere in the future, that is not answered here, but you can surely be ready to see what our appearance will be and you will definitely be shocked, to say the least. Thanks to the website AsapScience, we now know what we are going to look like 1,000 years from now on.

So sit back, relax and read about the future.

1. Humans as in current time

We have gone through thousands of years of evolution to reach the current stage. From Homo Habilis which evolved some 2.8 million years ago to Neanderthals who roamed Earth some 50,000 years ago to the current us, Homo Sapiens, our genes, our facial features and other characteristics have changed a lot and evolution has made us very intelligent.

We are bipedal with a comparatively longer life span as compared to our ancestors and have features that have aided us in being the apex living beings on this Earth for about 200,000 years now. But now a website has come up with illustrations which can help us to look 1,000 years into the future and give some answers as to how humans will look like in future.

Humans as in current time

2. Humans 1,000 years in future

Mitchell Moffit, who is one of the co-creators of the web series says in the video, “As we move even further into the future, the world’s rising temperature and accompanying deterioration in the protective ozone layer will play a major role. Though such noticeable changes would take more so around 100,000 years to emerge,” Moffit says.

Hence from the video, we can gauge that 1,000 years in our future, our skins will become darker as a result of sun’s UV rays and rising temperature of the Earth. Also there is a very good chance that health care will reach a point where nanobots will be integrated in our bodies to keep it healthy and repair any damage. It will also result in enhanced capabilities of humans; even superhuman strength will be possible when technology meets biology.

 Humans 1,000 years in future

As a result of climate change inching towards warmer, our bodies will become taller and skinnier in order to dissipate heat in a better way and keep ourselves cool. Also mutation to our DNA may cause the color of our eyes to red.

Most of these changes will be visible 100,000 years from now on, but these are some possibilities. Designer babies will be a rage, giving rise to attractive looking people and highly intelligent offsprings being produced on demand.

1,000 years from now on we may also get super human strength and other such abilities as our DNA may mutate into something new which might unlock the true potential of our body.

3. Specific characteristics of human of future

According to Dr Alan Kwan, a PhD in computational genomics from Washington University in St Louis, our faces are the one place, where dramatic changes are going to take place in the future.

He says that our eyes will grow uncomfortably large as the human race will succeed in habituating other planets of the solar system and that will force the people to live in places that are dimmer than our present Earth.

Specific characteristics of human of future

Our eyes will also get enhanced features such as low light vision to compensate living in dim lighted conditions. Also our eyes will start to blink sideways instead of upwards and downwards. This change will take place to protect the eyes from sun’s cosmic rays and other radiations.

In fact, by 2050, a totally different and new type of human race will develop as a result of drastic new technology, changes in behaviors and natural selection.

Specific characteristics of human of future

4. The video

According to a researcher at the Global Brain institute, our human race is undergoing a significant change currently which may be termed as a major evolutionary transition. According to the researcher, in less than 40 years, our life spans will increase and we will be able to have children at a much advanced age and most of our work will be done by artificial intelligence.The more intelligent we will become, the more curiosity we will have and the coming generations will again ask, how humans will look like in future?

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