Hostel hacks You wish you knew earlier – Watch the video

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Living in a hostel is a life full of challenges and dreams for any youngster. You are for the first time away from home, without the constant lookout from your parents, and then there is also the fear of living amongst seniors, who can be mean to young and new people. But the memories that youngsters form in the hostel life are those that stays forever with them. It is the time where students develop the sense of responsibility and start doing things on their own and are answerable to their own doings.

Here are 7 hacks that we have picked for newbie hostel people that will help them survive and enjoy the hostel life.

1Want to get to the classes on time?

Hostel life is full of watching movies well into the night or rounds of laughter and games with hostel mates. This can put a dampener on the plans of studying and attending early morning lectures. Alarm clocks do help, but nowadays, they have been replaced by mobile phones and if you are a heavy sleeper or have a habit of continuously hitting the snooze button, you can be in trouble. You should try this ‘phone in an empty glass cup’ trick in order to amplify the sound of the alarm so that it can wake up the entire floor.

phone in an empty glass cup

Hack for the Impromptu movie night

All of the people who live in hostels will swear that they came to know of the various genres of movies and all the various TV shows during the movie nights in the hostel rooms. You come to know about FRIENDS, SEINFELD and all the hilarious sitcoms and different movies and immediately spend lots of time watching them. Here is a hack using which you can fix your iPad onto the wall. Use these towel hanging hooks as shown in the image to slide in the iPad for a rich movie watching experience.

iPad for a rich movie watching experience.

Want to clean your dirty keyboard?

As a hostel person, you are going to use your laptop or computer a lot and as we are humans, we tend to eat while doing things. Chips, nachos and many things that tend to leave a lot of leftover powder are the things usually eaten while typing out that report or assignment. All these enter the keyboard a lot and tend to jam the keys along with dirt. You can clean the keyboard using a Post-it note. Just slide the adhesive part of the note in between the keys and move it around, the dirt and chips will stick to the adhesive and you will get a clean keyboard.

clean your dirty keyboard

Carry the bag without any pain!

This is more of a hostel-cum-college hack. All of the students need to carry laptops or books to and from the college and if you tend to use this type of bag, hanging it on just one shoulder will lead to pain in that particular area. Instead, take out the leashes from an old bag and attach them as seen in the image. This way you can hang the bag on both shoulders to split the weight.

hang the bag on both shoulders

Want to use the microwave effectively?

If you live in a hostel or alone, it means you will be eating lots of microwaveable food. Things like frozen pizza, soup, noodles and TV dinners are staple diets of hostel inmates apart from the tasty food you get in the mess. You need to use the microwave efficiently and can multitask when you need to warm up more than one bowl of soup. Keep a bowl of soup on a microwave safe cup and another bowl beside it, on the tray.

use the microwave effectively

Keep your crockery safe

Being in the hostel also means that you will have to share things. But there are some personal things that you would not like to share like toiletries, mugs and cups and crockery. But there will still be times when friends and roommates will use them as if they are communal cups and mugs and crockery. In order to keep your mugs and cups safe, you can lock them to the crockery stand itself, after you using them.

how to Keep your crockery safe

Dim night lamp

Take a water bottle that you would normally use and insert a CFL light bulb in it. Cut the bottle from the bottom to insert the light bulb and the upper part can be cut to attach the holder. Voila! You will have a dim night lamp for the late night studies without earning the ire of your roommate.

Dim night lamp

Also the watch the video for some other amazing hacks, you can thank us later.




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