Here is the brilliant reason why people are wearing safety pins in UK

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The aftermath of Britain’s population’s decision to exit the European Union has been just disheartening. While the people, who voted for separation are calling it the start of a new era, as the borders of England are back in their control and now England can grow from here. The people who voted to remain are showing the falling growth rate and increasing inflation the result of exit from EU. Apart from financial and moral effects, the exit has affected millions of immigrants who are now facing extreme hate crimes and violence and are forced to leave the country by extremists, who want to drive away the immigrants from Britain. The answer to this hate and violence is a safety pin. You must ask why and read the following article to know the answer.

Brexit and its aftermath

In a historic decision on June 23, 2016, the citizens of Great Britain voted 51.9% in favor of leaving the European Union with 48.1% in favor of staying in the EU in the voting of the European Union referendum. Britain had been a member of the EU from the 1970s and had enjoyed many perks like visa free travel to member countries, free trade market and a clout and say in international matters. But, with the decision to exit from the EU has brought on severe repercussions. Not only are the people regretting their choice and prices of everything has gone up, the racism and aggression towards immigrants has taken a violent turn. People have become extremely instigated and violent towards the Polish immigrants and other immigrants from various countries who stay in London and England and work to survive. In order to highlight this issue, a young American suggested a brilliant idea.

Brexit and its aftermath

The safety pin becomes a symbol of solidarity

The idea was suggested by Twitter handle @cheeahs (miss pomery 1926) who said that anyone who is against this nationalist, racist type of violence can wear a safety pin in public to show that they are “safe” ally, and people of other countries who live in UK can consider themselves safe. She said that people can wear such pins on bus, trains and on roads, so that the immigrant residents do not fear them and can trust them.

The lady behind the idea, Allison says that this way people can tell immigrants that there are people in the UK who do not support this kind of racist and nationalist violence and condemn such hate crimes everywhere in the UK. There are critics of this effort, who find it nothing but a gimmick. One British columnist Katie Hopkins says that this is nothing but something “dreamt up” by sore losers who rallied for Britain to remain in the EU.

The safety pin

But in any condition, it shows that even a simple and tiny thing can bring a big difference in the psyche of people who are facing hate and violence just because they have come to Britain from their homeland in order to earn a living and feed their families and hope for a better future.


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