Got a second toe bigger than other toes? It might tell a lot about your personality

By goneviral

Humans love to speculate about knowing what others think or what others are like. If there was a superpower that humans may have asked for, it would most likely be to read other’s minds and what they are thinking.

Even individuals are curious about knowing things about themselves and there are things about us that even we don’t know and people tell us about ourselves. Some of our body parts are indicators of what we are as a person and tell lots of things and secrets about people.

An example of such body parts are the toes. Their lengths can say many things about you. You need to measure your toes and to do so, use a ruler to make a diagonal line from the tip of the big toes to the tip of the little pinky toe. The toes which fall below the line are short and which go beyond the line are taller.

Here is what these toes say about you.

1. Big Toe

If you have your big toe taller than all the other toes, you are extremely lucky and talented. People, who have big toes, are very creative, clever and deep thinkers. They tend to be very creative and do things in beautiful ways and are clever enough to do the things in the best possible ways doing minimum damage.

They seem to have different angles of seeing the same thing and therefore can suggest multiple solutions for a single problem. There is a side effect though; such people seem to find it hard to focus on one single thing, thanks to all the creative juices flowing out. But if the big toe is smaller, you tend to be a brilliant multi-tasker and ooze lots of charm.

Big Toe

2. Second Toe

The second toe on the right foot shows what you want from life. Your second toe signifies that if you are getting what you want from life, then the toe will be bigger than rest of the toes. A gap between the second and third toes means that you are an emotional person and try to keep emotions away. The longer the second toe, the better are your leadership skills. You also tend to be bossy and your attitude of ‘my way or highway’ can cost you a few business deals.

A smaller second toe means that you are happy to bide your time until your time arrives and you are not someone who can be intimidated and love calmness and harmony in life.

Second Toe

3. Third Toe

If the third toe is bigger than other toes, it means that you are bundle of unending energy and very resourceful at work. You are highly motivated and this zeal to do well every time drives you to success in your work. You also love perfection in your work and are determined to see that the work assigned to you is completed in the best manner possible.

A smaller third toe means that you know how to enjoy life. You don’t get riled up easily and know how to kick back and relax.

Third Toe

4. Fourth Toe

A long, straight fourth toe means that family comes to you before anything else in the world. This toe is related to all the relationships you have in your life. In any of the relationships in your life is doing badly, it will be indicated in the curling of the fourth toe. You nurture things and relationships and are a great listener, making you a favorite of everyone. A small fourth toe means that family is not the thing you focus more on and your focus is on the other facts of life.

Fourth Toe

5. Pinky Toe

A long pinky toe or the fifth toe tells that you still have a child in you somewhere, who likes to fend off responsibility in life. You are also bored easily and are a restless soul. You also have trouble focusing and get distracted easily by small things. But you are fun to be with and are usually life of parties.

If you can move and wiggle the fourth toe separately from your other toes, then you have the adventurous and flirty streak in you. And if you can’t, then you like and love routine, predictability in life and are loyal to people you love and expect the same from others.

Pinky Toe

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