Do you know your shower habits can reveal a lot about your personality? Unlock the secrets here…

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When it comes to showering, it is not just about personal hygiene! Studies have proved that shower habits reveal a lot about the personality of a person. Here are 10 showering habits that will make you understand yourself or others better:

1. In and out in a wink of an eye

If you prefer a quickie rather than enjoying the mind relaxing task of taking a shower, then it means that you are always out of time and rushing to appointments! But after having said that, we would like to clarify that, this doesn’t mean you have a laid back attitude towards your work. This just means you like to prioritize your life and you love to invest your time in family and friends.

You are a considerate person and will go to immense lengths to help others. The best part is, this habit makes you a favourite among your roommates because they don’t have to keep banging on your bathroom door.

In and out in a wink of an eye

2. The day dreamer

To you, showering is more than just rinsing yourself! It’s an art that transports you into your many imaginary worlds. If you start daydreaming during showers, then it means that you like to indulge in your imaginations and are not bound by the walls of the mundane world. You have an ever energetic and creative soul and this is something that people love about you!

The day dreamer

3. Stopping before turning the water on

Unlike many others, if you step under the shower before turning the water on, you’re a risk taker. It doesn’t matter what life brings your way, you will accept it gleefully and emerge a winner. You are free-spirited and uninhibited and make friends easily.

Stopping before turning the water on

4. The singer

Is shower your favourite place to sing? Well, then no, this does not mean that you are born to sing but it surely means that you are carefree and do what you like to do without worrying about what the others might think! You love to have fun and are a confident individual!

The singer

5. The list maker

Love planning your to do list in the shower? Well, congratulations! Because this makes you a person who is constantly prepared and thinks ahead. For you, shower time is the time when you can tune other distractions out and just concentrate on what the day has in store for you. This helps you to be prepared for the day ahead and be ahead in your work!

The list maker

6. Brushing your teeth in the shower

If brushing your teeth while taking a bath is one of your showering habits, then this means that you are a multi tasker and very resourceful at executing different tasks at a single time.

This time saving habit means that you seize every moment and make the most of it! This might just put more strain on your nerves while handling deadlines and make you seem a little impatient but it also makes you great at achieving your goals and saving time, money and energy! Cheers to killing two birds with a single stone!

Brushing your teeth in the shower

7. Taking a long luxurious bath

Simply put, you like to make the most of things. You like the slow life and enjoy each and every moment to its fullest! You realise the importance of grooming yourself and giving your mind and body the relaxation and time it deserves to function properly. You are calm and collected during stress and people admire you for your collected nature.

Taking along luxurious bath

8. Showering with a loofa

If loofa comes in your list of shower essentials, then you are a person who keeps tracks of the little details and loves the perfect presentation. You like to plan ahead of things and your family and co-workers are great admirers of your reliable work and can count on you every time!

Showering with a loofa

9. Taking an ice cold shower

If cold showers are your thing, then you might be a person who gets worked up very easily and cold showers help you calm your nerves. This shower habit shows that you are self-aware and perfectly know how to calm yourself, if need be!

Taking an ice cold shower

10. Putting off showering till it’s absolutely necessary

Let’s face it, if you are not a huge fan of showering or showering on time, then you are a procrastinator. You like to put chores and work off and for you; it really is easily said than done! But the upside is that your roommates love you because they can have the shower all to themselves!

Putting off showering till it’s absolutely necessary

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