Curing acne was never so simple. Watch this beauty blogger cure it in just one night

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There are countless beauty bloggers on YouTube and while a number of them are quite common, a few of them come up with amazing remedies that actually work. Take for example this beauty blogger, Habiba who goes by the handle Makeupholic_moon, and is making waves on the internet for her remarkable remedy for acne using nothing but banana Peel.

Going by her own flawless skin, it isn’t too good to be true because its real and she shows just how it works. The fact that banana peel can cure acne is marvelous, as you won’t need those expensive lotions and creams that burn a big hole in your pocket.

To make the remedy effective, you need to use an organic banana

Acne as everyone knows is a plague among youngsters, especially teens. Being more of a lifestyle condition triggered by poor nutrition fast food, acne can get really bad, even attacking the upper back, neck and shoulders. It can also lead to skin infection. The fact that a discarded portion of a fruit such as banana can now be used as an acne remedy will help all those looking for a sure shot fast cure for acne.

The main reason why banana peel can cure acne and reduce the inflammation of acne is, because it has several beneficial properties, present in the peel alone. Habiba suggests you should use the peel of an organic banana. One with dark spots is even better. Contrary to belief that black spots indicate a bad or overripe banana, it is just the opposite. The black spots indicate the banana contains more of beneficial substances, potent enough to fight a number of diseases including cancer.

banana peel can cure acne

Watch the Amazing Video to know how Banana peel cures acne

What you need to do is cut the banana, and then go on to remove the peel. Rub the white part of the peel on the area affected by the acne. The peel, then needs to be left on the face or acne for about two hours. Within this period the skin will turn dark. Rub the blackened peel again on the acne and leave overnight. Do not wash off the residue.

Banana peel cures acn

Habiba guarantees the remedy works and although recommend by medical doctors, it has never been the subject of clinical research. Needless to say, scientists do believe that the banana peel does have substances known as antioxidants, which are conducive for skin health and it could be the main reason why it decreases acne. Watch the incredible video of how banana peel cures acne.


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