Check out these disastrous Christmas outfits of celebs at your own risk…!

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We are officially in the month of Christmas and are enjoying every bit of it. Attending dinners, hosting holiday game sessions and sipping eggnog, what fun! Celebrities, like every other year, are gearing up for the glamorous outfits to look ravishing. Most Christmas outfits of celebs make us want to buy same outfits and we practically drool over them. Forget not, it was celebrities like Heidi Klum andMiranda Kerr who made us see how hot Mrs Claus outfits could be.

Christmas makes everything perfect and the Christmas spirit makes everything bearable, well almost everything, because some Christmas outfits that celebrities wore, killed our Christmas spirit, traumatised us, and ruined our festive spirit. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these outfits!

1. Miley Cyrus

Honestly, I still haven’t been able to get her picture as the adorable teenager from ‘Hannah Montana’ or ‘The last song’ out of my mind. So, her little quirks shock me to no end! She has tried many outfits on various occasions that nearly scarred us (the red carpet look included). But, if you thought Christmas would be safe, you are wrong! She wore a high-cut red body suit with white fur cuffs and teamed her outfit with fuzzy Channel bag and pompom earrings to perform at the Jingle Ball in 2013. What was on her mind, we wonder…

Miley Cyrus

2. Lady Gaga

How could we leave Lady Gaga out of this list? Lady Gaga is famous for her crazy outfits;remember that infamous meat dress? Or the time she dressed as an egg for the Grammy awards? Her Christmas dressing tops the list of disastrous Christmas outfits of celebs that were just painful to see! She decided to add a bit of Christmas festivity to her Mrs. Claus outfit and stuck someone’s decorated tree top on her head. Behold, as if this wasn’t enough, she wore a green wig and a pair of red romper and platform black boots!

Lady Gaga

3. Mr. T

We can’t even begin to understand how Mr. T’s Christmas outfit came together and also how he ended up posing with former first lady Nancy Reagan, in front of the White House Christmas tree. She was sitting on his lap while holding Mr. T’s action figure. But it is difficult to picture him as Santa while he was wearing a sleeveless red top, and tight red pants with white sports socks pulled up to just below his knees. And to add some Christmas bling, he had gold jewelry around his neck and wrist.How are we supposed to clap at that??

Mr. T

4. Katy Perry

Now, this may come as a surprise as Katy Perry has previously worn Santa Claus-themed outfits that were absolutely adorable. When Katy showed up as a Christmas tree with too many embellishments, it confused people to no end. The outfit was made out of a stiff, glittery green material; it was decorated with ornaments, a massive Merry Christmas sign, photo frames, a red tinsel garland, and mini presents. Simply put, the outfit would be better off if it was placed in the living room than being worn.

Katy Perry

5. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg’s Christmas outfit at the 2005 Radio Music Awards with The Pussycat Dolls made us question – Why Snoop Dogg? Why! Snoop Dogg’s outfit was way more complicated than a traditional one. It showed a long silky white shirt with ruffled cuffs, a red vest, and a jacket with cape-like sleeves. He even had a white boa around his neck at one point. Tragic for the viewers…

Snoop Dogg

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