An incredibly rare violet Diamond discovered In Australia may be worth millions

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Mankind has always had a love affair with diamonds. History has had its fair share of famous diamonds like the Kohinoor diamond, the Pink Star and the Graf Peacock Brooch, cut from a single blue diamond of 20 carats worth a staggering $100 million. Since the discovery of these incredibly rare gems, no really large diamond of significance has been found. But now adding to the list of the world’s rarest of diamonds is a new one, found in an Australian mine.

The incredible rare violet diamond is being considered among the rarest of rare diamonds in the world and is all set to fetch a million dollar price tag at the next great diamond auction.

1 The Argyle Violet Diamond Was Found In Australia

The Argyle Violet Diamond is so named because of its location of discovery, the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia. The property of Rio Tinto Diamond Company, this beautiful and amazing gemstone will soon be on display at the Companies showcase of pink diamonds.

The diamond in its raw uncut form was discovered last year in August in the Argyle Mines, where most of the world’s uncut pink diamonds are found. In its raw form, the diamond weighed 9.17 carats and even had features such as etchings and crevices.

The Argyle Violet Diamond Was Found In Australia

2 The Rare Argyle Violet Is Expected To Fetch Millions

The rarest of rare Argyle Violet Diamond in its polished oval shaped form now weighs 2.83 carats. Although not as costly as the Graph Pink or the Peacock Brooch, what makes the violet diamond stand out are its rare characteristics, beacuse of which it is virtually impossible to find a similar diamond of such a nature. Its size, beauty and characteristics are unmatchable where its greyish violet color gives it the distinct quality of being known as the Violet diamond.

According to Patrick Cooper, General Manager of Rio Tinto, the diamond is impossibly rare and limited in existence. Although Rio Tinto is yet to label a price tag, the diamond is expected to cost millions.

The Rare Argyle Violet Is Expected To Fetch Millions

3 A Gemstone Just One of A Kind

Pink and red diamonds are always in demand in comparison to the common white diamond. The argyle pink diamonds can sometimes cost as high as a million per carat. Violet diamonds on the other hand are even rarer than the pink diamonds where just 12 carats of diamonds have been polished and sold by the companies tender in 32 years. This means that the present argyle rare violet diamond is one of a kind.

How diamonds acquire their tint and color is still a mystery. Science tags it as a distortion during formation of the stone within the earth’s crust. Incidentally the argyle diamond mine is the only mine in the world to produce hydrogen enriched violet diamonds.

A Gemstone Just One of A Kind

4 The Argyle Violet Will Soon Be Displayed Around the World

The amazingly rare violet diamond is all set to capture the desire of the world’s elite when Argyle pink diamonds begin their tender of 2016, a private auction of sorts that will showcase the violet diamond worldwide in June. It will go on display in cities like Copenhagen, New York and Hong Kong.

The last time an astonishingly large diamond was found was way back in November when a rare pink diamond set a record of sorts by being sold for 19 million pounds. It remains to be seen during the Argyle tender whether the Argyle violet diamond surpasses all expectations to set a new record price in the diamond world.

The Argyle Violet Will Soon Be Displayed Around the World


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