Amazing! World’s first giant robot fight is happening in June!!

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Well, we do not really know how many of you have the fantasy of watching a giant robot fighting in front of you. However, we can assure that this dream is going to be fulfilled soon. Yes, it is happening, the old stories of the robotic fights are finally going to come true. All the credit goes to MegaBots, the first ever robot making company of America that came with the idea of hosting a robot fight.

When it is about robot fights, who else can be the competitor other than Japan. Yes, it is – Japan VS America? So, move out of the realm of the transformer 3D- movies or the cartoons based on robots and start planning to catch the real robotic fight.

If you are not aware of the amazing happening, here we have all the details for you:

1. Mk. II- The American Robot

On one side, we have the American Fighter Mk. II and its rival is Japan with their giant robot “Kuratas”. It is going to be epic to see the two monsters ripping each other into pieces. Mk. II flaunts two Gatling guns that make its way out of the eagle heads mounted on the robot’s shoulder. In addition to this, there are, a giant chainsaw and a flamethrower cigar attached to the mouth of the Robot. With the weight of 6 tonnes, it covers 120 miles per hours and is designed to be controlled by two persons.

Mk. II- The American Robot

2. Kuratas- The Japenese Robot

The competitor of Mk. II is Kurata that is ridable and was first unveiled in 2012. The fighter robot was first demonstrated at the Wonder Festival. Inspired by Mecha, this giant robot weighs 4,500 kg and is 4 meters high. Along with being operated by an onboard pilot, it can also be controlled with a remote.

Featuring a four-wheeled vehicle, this ready to fight robot can be armed with many weapons and covers the distance of 10 km per hour. It even features multiple on-board weapon systems, 30 hydraulic actuators and a BB Gatling gun that can fire 6,000 times in a minute.

Kuratas- The Japenese Robot

3. The Makers of the Giant Robots

Where the American MegaBots Inc – a US start-up – has created MK II, Kurata is the production of the Suidobashi Heavy Industry that has been researching on larger wearable robots since 2012. Engineering students Matt Oehrlein and Gui Cavalcanti had put the foundation of Megabots in May 2014 and since then they are working on this robotic design.

The company soon tagged up with co-founder Brinkley Warren and with their continuous effort, America has Mk II now. On the other hand, the Kogoro Kurata and roboticist Wataru Yoshizaki developed the Kurata.

The Makers of the Giant Robots

4. When it all Started?

Chasing the childhood dream of the toy robots, the creators of Mk II came up the idea of an open competition between the two giant robots of the world i.e. a giant robot fight! They take it as a way of showing patriotism towards the country.

On June 30, 2015, the founder of MegaBot challenged the Japanese company for an open fight. Thrilled with the idea of the robotic fights, Suidobashi replied quickly and gave a green signal to the massive war. For a fair game, both the teams were given a year’s time to prepare their best.

When it all Started?

5. Date and Venue of the Match

The exciting giant robot fight is going to be scheduled soon and the venue is neither Japan nor America. For a neutral play, it will be somewhere outside both the countries. Till now, there is no certain criteria set for the determination of the winner. We can only estimate that whoever wins, the other one will be partially or fully destroyed.

Date and Venue of the Match

Right now, we can only guess the outcome of this match, but The MegaBot League is surely going to give countries a chance to participate in this human-piloted robot glory. We wish both the teams luck for the upcoming match and hope to see them perform outstandingly.

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