7 Times people went too far while buying stuff online

By goneviral

Everyone loves shopping online and with the advent of fast internet and credit card, you have a plethora of online sites selling you stuff from hairpins to computers. But when you order from online stores, you do not know the buyer and cannot check the stuff out beforehand in person, and are at the mercy of the seller to deliver authentic products. Or else you will suffer the same fate like these 7 people, who brought things online and found some really bizarre stuff.

Is this a dust bin?

The first thing you do while shopping online is checking the authenticity of the object that you are looking to buy. People may offer various things which may look authentic and of perfect size, but can be actually very deceptive. Here you can see how big the actual trash can turned out. The buyer definitely didn’t get what he thought he had ordered.

Is this a dust bin

This is one very concerning women’s leggings!

What do you see in the image below? Most people will answer a man with hairy legs wearing a short skirt. In fact, it is a shot of leggings for women. They are designed for use by women, though, to a naked eye, they seem to look like hairy legs of a man.

women’s leggings!

Going overboard with grapes

This is what you get when you actually order grapes worth $107 dollars. You can see 11 plastic bags with lots of grapes in each of them. Maybe the buyer underestimated the amount of grapes he will get for $107 dollars. And though he says it’s time to make jelly, his decision begs the question, seriously!! Why did he spend $107 on grapes?

order grapes

Any one wants soup?

You can see the size of ladle for yourself. The buyer must not have checked the size of the item and got a ladle that can act as a soup bowl for a normal size person.

soup bowl

Seriously, make sure before buying clothes online

Things you see on the internet may not look same in real life and this warning fits perfectly on clothes. This prom dress looks gorgeous on the model on the advertisement, but when the girl wears the dress, you can see how ill-fitted and ugly it looks on the girl. Be very careful while buying clothes online.


buying clothes online

Well, that’s one comfy mattress

You can read the review left by a user saying that he found the mattress so comfortable that he managed to sleep through a fire in his building. Now that must be one hell of a mattress, what was stuffed in it; feathers from angel’s wings?

comfy mattress

No idea what use will these give

Well, these are magnets to stick on your fridge. These are animal butt magnets and there are various animals like cheetah, tiger, lion, rhino, elephant and giraffe among many, whose butts you can stick on your fridge.


 magnets to stick on your fridge


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