7 Dangerous Bedtime habits you should seriously avoid

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Sleeping is a process that energizes our body for the next day. It is a process that gives our body time to recharge and for the immune system it gives time to repair any wear and tear to the body. Our brain recollects all the happenings in the day and stores the most important ones in memory. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good night’s sleep. But due to distractions and some ill habits, people have developed a tendency of sleeping late and waking up early, which disrupts the body’s repair cycle. Here are 7 things that you should and shouldn’t do just before bedtime for a good sleep.

Do not drink water

Water is necessary for us as it keeps all the functions of the body working perfectly. It keeps the joints of the body lubricated and helps in movement of waste out of the body. But if you have a habit of drinking water just before bed time, you will have to get up in middle of the night to pee and not just once, it will happen twice or thrice, interrupting your sleep.

Do not drink water

Do not take a nap during the day

Some people have a habit of sleeping in daytime. You should avoid doing so, because then the natural cycle of the body will be disrupted and you won’t be able to sleep at a decent time in the night. This will affect your health and your sleeping habits in night will go haywire.

Do not take a nap during the day

Avoid using laptop and mobile

One of the banes of modern technology is the advent of wireless equipments and internet. People now tend to take their mobiles and laptops to their beds in order to do some last minute browsing or watch an episode of their favorite show. That last minute browsing and favorite episode turns into sleeping late. Therefore, avoid bringing your mobile and laptop into bedroom.

Avoid using laptop and mobile

Schedule your dinner

As a rule, make it a habit of eating at least 3-4 hours before you go to sleep. Once you eat the dinner, you should not even eat a tic tac. If you eat anything just before sleeping, the digestive process may keep you twisting and turning the whole night.

Schedule your dinner

Set a bed time routine

You need to set a bedtime routine and make sure that you follow that routine. It can be anything like taking a shower, brushing your teeth, changing into night clothes and then lying down to sleep. Once your body gets used to these habits, it will automatically get the signal to prepare the body for sleep once the process or the routine starts.

Bedtime routine

No coffee before bed

Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine is a known substance that keeps you awake. Try not to drink any coffee, 4 hours before your sleeping time. Caffeine boosts the metabolism of the body and your body feels refreshed and that is the only reason you shouldn’t drink any coffee, if you want a good night’s sleep.

Coffee contains caffeine

Choose a favorite sleeping position

Everyone has their own comfy position to sleep, in which they immediately fall asleep. A position which helps you get a comfy night’s sleep, and doesn’t hurt your shoulders and neck. Recommended sleeping positions are usually on the side and on the back rather than on stomach.

favorite sleeping position


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