21 Bold AF Hair Colors To Try In 2016

By goneviral

Peace out, pastels.

1. Red Flame

Red Flame

2. Teal and Purple Split

Teal and Purple Split

3. Colorblock Rainbow

Colorblock Rainbow

4. Ocean Blue

Ocean Blue

5. Highlighter Yellow

Highlighter Yellow

6. Two-Tone Purple

Two-Tone Purple

7. Bright Stripes

Bright Stripes

8. Emerald Green

Emerald Green

9. Neon Ultramarine

Neon Ultramarine

10. Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset

11. Mermaid Curls

Mermaid Curls

12. Electric Tangerine

Electric Tangerine

13. Peacock Blues

Peacock Blues

14. Bold Coral

Bold Coral

15. Colbalt Roots

Colbalt Roots

16. Swipe Of Yellow

Swipe Of Yellow

17. Radioactive Greens

Radioactive Greens

18. Hidden Rainbow

Hidden Rainbow

19. Teal Undercut

Teal Undercut

20. Hot-Pink Melt

Hot-Pink Melt

21. Fluorescent Dip-Dye

Fluorescent Dip-Dye

Source: Buzzfeed