20 Unbelievable Construction Fails You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

By goneviral

Construction is a pretty important job, I mean the world wouldn’t really be able to revolve without it. It affects roads, houses, streets, buildings and all our lives. Although every one of us makes mistakes and construction work is a physically mentally and draining job, these fails are almost unforgivable. From DIY fuck ups to benches built the wrong way round, these are the crème de la crème.

Feast your eyes and subsequently face-palm at these monumental screw-ups.

1. The slide to nowhere 

2.  Nice view 

3. Awkward 

4. Pull up a chair 

5. A little out of the ordinary 

6. Edgy 

7. Forkin’ el

8. Just cover it over with a cupboard and no one will ever know

9. Who knew hangers were so multifunctional?

10. Slight misjudgement 

11. Botch job 

12. Hurdle practice 

13. Where do you start with his one?

14. Ever wondered how to scare the shit out of a child?

15. Genius

16. That’s an accident waiting to happen 

17. Too close for comfort?

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18. That’s one way to ‘fix’ it 

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19. Mind fuck 

20. Please keep this gate closed at all times…