10 Productive ways showing what we can do to save the Environment

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Every year the, Earth and its environment are commemorated with an Earth Day and a World Environment Day, separately of course. But among all of the conferences, seminars and celebrations in schools and NGOs, from how many of our common everyday actions, do we pledge towards reducing our carbon footprint on the earth? Mundane actions of closing an overflowing tap if practiced worldwide, would do much towards conservational measures for protecting the Earth because the biggest danger facing the environment is rampant use of resources. If you really do feel responsible in protecting the Earth, here are ten ways to save the environment.

1 Plant a Tree on Your Birthday

Urbanization is a growing trend that promotes development of a city but at what cost? Concrete jungles, devoid of trees would cause severe ecological damage and even ill health. Trees and green spots like parks are a city’s lungs where trees provide life giving oxygen. You can’t stop urbanization but you can very well contribute towards balancing the negative damage with a positive action of your own. Plant a tree on your birthday. This is an excellent way to return to mother earth the gift that she has given you. Suggest your friends to do the same.

Plant a Tree on Your Birthday

2 Close That Running Tap of Water

As water reserves are dwindling and several cities in various countries are facing a deep impact in the reduction of city water tables, the effects are slowly being felt, which are resulting in water shortages and lack of non-polluted filtered water. Water is precious, yet we fail to recognize this through involuntary but harmful actions such as cleaning our teeth in front of a tap of running water, shut it off!!

Close That Running Tap of Water

3 Bathe with a Bucket Instead Of a Shower

You would be contributing a great deal in reducing your water footprint on the earth by bathing from a bucket full of water rather than using the shower. Most people are habituated to keep a shower running throughout a bath even though it’s unnecessary. By using a bucket you utilize half the amount of water you would use in a shower.

Bathe with a Bucket Instead Of a Shower

4 Learn To Recycle

Recycling is a great way to conserve earth’s resources. Re-use several items if it is possible. Do not throw away beverage bottles, cans and containers, these can be sent to a recycling center rather than discarding them in the trash. Instead of using fiber and paper based cleaning rags for your kitchen, use cloth which can be washed and used later. Insist on paper bags at a store rather than the plastic ones. Each time you go shopping, carry your own shopping bag.

Learn To Recycle

5 Fill a Bottle of Water Before You Venture Out

With the sweltering heat of summer and the abundance of filtered and bottled water on sale, not many would even think of carrying their own water except of course when your mother made you do it in nursery school . But can’t you do the same now?? Instead of purchasing water, carry a bottle of water from home to work, college or even when your are out shopping.

Fill a Bottle of Water Before You Venture Out

6 Use Rechargeable Batteries

Used batteries contribute a lot to toxic waste. Batteries use an acid called metanil acid and waste batteries tend to leak the acid into the environment. Rechargeable batteries use 23 times fewer resources than regular ones. Using rechargeable batteries isn’t just economically beneficial, you will be contributing towards a green planet too.

 Use Rechargeable Batteries

7 Save Paper, Stop Using Paper Napkins

When you’re in a restaurant, you must have defintely seen this ugly sight of almost every table strewn with dirty paper napkins. How often have you used several napkins to clean your hands every few minutes in a restaurant or café? Stop this practice immediately. Either clean your hand with a cloth handkerchief or rags carried for the purpose or ask for a cloth napkin. Restaurants and cafes would also be contributing to environmental preservation by resorting to cloth napkins instead of paper ones. Wasting paper means wasting away the life of trees.

Save Paper, Stop Using Paper Napkins

8 Replace Your Tungsten Bulbs with CFL

The conventional tungsten filament bulb has been phased out in many cities worldwide as it is a known user of extensive energy. Instead of using this energy guzzler, use CFL bulbs. They last longer; they also reduce your electricity bill by half and provide better lighting. A 25 watt CFL will shine brighter than 40 watt tungsten bulb, so why waste energy.

Replace Your Tungsten Bulbs with CFL

9 Use Matches Instead Of Petrol Lighters

Fuel is precious and we can do a lot to conserve it. Stop using fuel based lighters at home to burn items like candles and your gas stove. Use matches instead. Moreover, instead of using fuel to power various gadgets at home, you could explore the possibilities of solar power too.

Use Matches Instead Of Petrol Lighters

10 Resort to Online Transactions

Coming back to paper, most organizations and service providers are promoting the use of online transactions. From finance to cell phone payments, online transaction eliminates the need for paper usage. Imagine the amount of paper you save when completing all your financial transactions, banking and payments online. Do it now as this is also the practice of the 21st century. Moreover it saves your precious time and money too.

Resort to Online Transactions

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